July 25, 2021

Rayo Vallecano – Barcelona: Three injured in a massive fight between ultras of Bukaneros and Boixos Nois in Madrid | sports

Rayo Vallecano - Barcelona: Three injured in a massive fight between ultras of Bukaneros and Boixos Nois in Madrid | sports

The Rayo and Barcelona buses arrived at the doors of the changing rooms of the Vallecas stadium with a few seconds of difference. First broke the local team and instantly Valverde. The Calle del Payaso Fofó, where the players' access is located, showed spots of pools of blood on their tracks. They were the remains of the brawl that took place at noon on Saturday the Bukaneros and the Boixos Nois, the radical groups of Rayo and Barcelona. The confrontation left three wounded under 30 years and concluded without any arrest by the National Police.

Order and tranquility began to change in Madrid's neighborhood at around 2:00 p.m. Through a street access a group of ultras del Rayo burst in; on the other, that of Barcelona. In total, several dozens of radical fans, who, when they reached the corner of the streets Payaso Fofó and Puerto del Monasterio unleashed a bestial confrontation in which sticks and other blunt objects were used. The police have not yet managed to guess the reason for the fight or if the brawl corresponded to one of the usual fits between this type of violent groupings.

The three injured were transferred to different hospitals in the capital. One, 29 years old, was evacuated by an ambulance to Gregorio Marañón with a breach in the head. The other two finished Infanta Leonor de Vallecas and also with minor injuries. A 27-year-old boy suffered polyontusions and the other, of similar age, had some bruises. The confrontation required the rapid intervention of the agents of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP), which separated the two groups and cut off access to the streets where the altercations took place.

In addition, they intercepted about 80 members of the Boixos Nois who were immediately returned to Barcelona. The Catalan club insisted that the radicals are not part of their group of animation and even minutes before the start of the meeting they did not know if they had really been expelled from Madrid.

"FC Barcelona regrets and condemns the events that took place this afternoon between Rayo Vallecano and Barça supporters in Madrid, and FC Barcelona reaffirms its commitment to fight against any form of violence associated with the world of sports, and makes it available again of the bodies and the security forces, and of all the agents involved, to eliminate those groups that practice it in a systematic way, "the Catalan club said in a statement.

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