Rayo Vallecano: Andoni Iraola’s masterpiece


11/23/2021 –

Andoni Iraola Sagarna’s Rayo Vallecano is a miracle. But a very worked miracle. The holy club and is the largest neighborhood in Europe, has become after almost a third of the league in the best venue in the championship ahead of transatlantic ships such as Seville or Real Madrid. Despite the institutional setback, no one is capable of winning at ‘VallekAnfield’ if he does not carry the strip; the most uncontrolled fans are once again on everyone’s lips.


In this Gipuzkoan municipality of just 6,000 inhabitants came to be born Iraola. The legend of Athletic Bilbao went to Cyprus, highlighted in Miranda and in the post-Jmez era he appeared to shine Vallecas. In just a year and a half – promoted through – the youngest technician in The Liga is already respected by each and every rival bench. His humility, professionalism and closeness highlight this Basque who is sculpting his masterpiece at the Madrid club.


It is impossible to understand this team without the leadership, on and off the court, of Chocota. In his second stage wearing the shirt of the Vallecano Ray, the one from Santiago del Estero lives his best moment as a professional footballer. His way of understanding the trade found his reason for life in Vallecas. Three promotions and a bracelet, that of the Santa Ins, which is almost tattooed on the Argentine’s skin. Top assistant with Benzem in this campaign, and a renewal that is already late.

Trejo celebrates his goal against Mallorca

Trejo celebrates his goal against Mallorca


Tiger. It went from being a summer courtship, to a reality from the first goal. Radamel Falcao has broken the schemes of the most international rayismo. The strip is already located in Colombia and every ‘coffee grower’ is a little bit of Vallecas. Santa Marta and Calle Payaso Fof assist a striker who in fourteen days and at 35 years of age, has already well embraced the best scoring average with goal per game hour and five claws in the cage. lvaro Garca and Isi Palazn are already waiting for his return.

Falcao celebrates his goal against the Bar

Falcao celebrates his goal against Bara


Almost from memory, from a group: Balliu, Saveljich, Catena and Fran Garca. With Dimitriesvki at the door. You have to go far back in the calendar to find such a reliable Ray in rearguard work. First with the Macedonian goalkeeper who is near the high places of the ‘Zamora prize’. And to continue with a rest of the rear where the mostoleo Catena is among the best centers on the continent at a statistical level. Only three goals against in 630 minutes of football on the grass of the neighborhood.


Here, to show a button: of the eleven type, at least nine players were already starters last year getting the promotion. And the new ones have been soaked since before arriving in mechanisms anchored in simple guidelines that, if they work, ensure success. High pressure looking for theft in the opposite field, exit of the ball from behind but without giving up the vertical, fast ends looking for the opposite back and footballers with a good foot on the inside. For the goal, Falcao-Nteka-Guardiola Destroy and build is laughed at? Ask for Santi Comesaa and Scar Valentn. SUVs.


The most special hobby in Spain. The difference, for the good and the bad. Being able to celebrate that his team is signing an unparalleled start, the banners against Mallorca were for Rayo Femenino and for the shipyards of Cdiz. The securities are not traded. But that is not bice for, during a ninety minutes, to forget the thousand problems that unfortunately flood the club and to dream again. To dream of her. Vallecas sighs for Europe.


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