Rayden, from battles to pop

Rayden, from battles to pop

He defines his music as free, "totally free", he does not allow himself to be pigeonholed in a world of obligatory labels and for that reason, in his past album, he sent a message of satiety to the world of hip hop with his song "I do not rap". Continuing with that line, lately he has collaborated with all kinds of artists, but he has not made any songs with another rapper in his latest work because according to the alcalaíno "to collaborate with another rapper, I already rape myself twice.

In addition, in his latest Instagram live commented that a diamond in the rough did not come to see the light on his latest album, unfortunately for many fans: a collaboration with Kase-O and Resident. As much as he shouts otherwise, Rayden raps, but also writes and declaims poetry, sings "ever better" in musical tones and shows with each work his eclecticism and his ability to communicate with any format at his disposal.

Q: The first song and the last one come from the aphorism of Gloria Fuertes (The first kindness / The second the talent / And here ends the story). The third sentence stays in the air.

A: Yes, it's like the subject omitted. I will be happy and I will have achieved something if people at the end of the record say "And the story is over".

Q: In Gargantua, you talk about the rappers who show more power in the Rap than the others. Are there certain sectors in the world that criticize your change of style in recent years?

A: This has always happened in the history of art, every time a new proposal comes out it seems that it has to be eradicated. I see breathes perhaps more entrenched, more enky, more aged … who have not known how to grow or evolve and who try to make Saturn devour their children out of fear. Then it seemed very nice to use the character of Gargantua: imaginary and giant, to show that, that I am out. But let's see, I'm good at writing, if I play I know too. It's a song that talks about the love of writing and what should motivate you to write. Everyone can do what they want, but I think it is on the one hand that attempt to offer more than your speech to kill the father and, on the other hand, offer something more and learn to grow so as not to end up being Saturn devouring their children .

Q: You also talk about the superficiality of some artists with themes such as money or fame. Do you still refer to the pure and hard rap here or is there a message against the trap?

A: No, no. I speak of those proposals that offer nothing and then use new technologies, such as autotune, which is totally commendable and valid. Last year, for example, I sang after a singer who said thanks with autotune (laughs), it seems like a metaphor. If something you say, that in theory has a feeling and that should be sincere, it is artificial, because I think it is a true reflection of what you are proposing.

Q: The ego of Rap, of which you speak in Gargantua and in other interviews, do you also perceive it in contemporary poetry?

A: More, more … It seems that we are condemned to death here. When a poet or poet appears who tells you that they have drunk from school … Because they always tell you: "I have drunk from the school of …". It's like they take your card to write.

Q: Have you looked over your shoulder in the poetry to come from the Rap?

A: Yes, and in the Rap for writing poetry. But I find it funny because I work in one of the best things in life, which is to compose, create something, contribute something. I do not understand why there are people who bother that other people feel to create. This will happen to Coldplay or any group. I've heard some say that what they hate most is that a rapper does one thing or the other. Seriously, what bothers you the most is seeing someone create? What happens to you in your life so that what you hate the most is seeing someone create. If I were saying "I'm better than you" because I can understand it. They could say "do not freak you off the vine", but my speech is to offer things, to try to transmit and excite. To me the anti-meritocracy and the "ignoranllosos", who are half ignorant, half proud, are a Molotov cocktail.

Q: In "Caza de scarves" you send a very necessary message that is not to blame the victims of an aggression or a sexual attack. Do you see an ideological trench around feminism in the current debate and, especially with the irruption of Vox in Andalusia?

A: I'm not going to answer that, first because I'm in the middle of a deconstruction job and secondly because I'm not going to do the promotion to any party, which is what they want. I think what I say in the songs is pretty clear and I do not want to do the promo. If you ask me what is happening with the political parties, I can tell you that, just as before, there was gold and then there was the black gold – oil – then the white gold – cocaine – then the green gold – which are Monsanto and all the transgenics-, now there is the gold that I call the gray gold, which consists, as Bauman said, to return the liquid emotions and make them profitable, to extract revenue and to make the hatred profitable. Basculating between whites and blacks, positioning ourselves among whites or blacks and confronting each other, playing twitching and making us do the production. Nowadays, an upward value is hatred, because it only takes two idiots to keep up with each other to make a "promosio" to a third party.

Q: How has the situation changed since "we were not born yesterday" from 2012 to "Habla bajo"?

A: I think the worst. Because now it is fashionable post-truth, which is lying looking into the eyes. When you call it post-truth you turn it into a trendy term and it looks cool, but at least they tried to hide it more.

Q: Do you feel censored on any subject?

A: No, the other way around. My friends call me David "the orchards" for the gardens in which I get involved. No, I love it. Although it is true that I look for elegance. Because you can be more incisive, more acute or more ingenious without falling into insulting. I prefer to put things in evidence with puns. Since each person makes his value judgment.

Q: Have you ever censored yourself politically correct?

A: No, what happens is that now I have realized that being more elegant I do more damage. But come on, two months ago I was in the European Parliament pointing out the representatives of the political parties, saying that they were the ones who fomented hatred, the same thing that I said before. And above what I said was translated into 5 languages ​​simultaneously. They also called me as Google's ambassador to carry a message against hatred and they have gone scalding.

Q: Do you notice a change of terms in the Rap? For example, some years ago we heard a lot less terms like "whore" or "queer". Is that self-censorship?

A: No, what happens is that we are growing and we are placing according to what things. One thing is to censor yourself with certain topics and another thing is to realize that some speeches are very toxic. Of course, rap is a fairly young musical style that has been gaining in maturity.

Q: In Sinónimo you have collaborations with Bely Basarte, Andrés Suárez, Rufus T Firefly, Iván Ferreiro or Pablo López. No rapper other than you.

A: Yes, and that I collaborate with people only shows my inability, according to what songs, to take them to the point they deserve. In the previous album and this one, I do not collaborate with rappers because to rape with someone, I already rape myself twice. I think about the good of the song and when I see that by myself I can not take to the song where I think it has to be I prefer to have people and I look for the most suitable one. I am lucky to have many friends who, just as I admire them, admire me. Collaborating with people like Pablo López, Rufus, Iván or Bely is wonderful. Above I think they have done the best things of his career for my album and it is to be grateful, I feel quite lucky. To close the question in a round, the collaborations come from my disability sometimes, because I am very package, to carry according to what themes where I want.

P: Every time you hear yourself sing more.

R: And better (laughs)

Q: You just end up like Ferreiro.

A: With Ferreiro the truth is that very well. In the song sometimes you do not notice when one ends and the other begins. But with Pablo López, things get more complicated. I am very lucky, I repeat.

Q: "The gods also bleed" is it based on a personal case?

A: Yes of course, there is one of the tolls to pay when you work based on emotion and get on a stage and is that sometimes you can return a junk of feedback. There comes a time when you only feel alive, or really live on a stage. But the stimuli of at street level, normal … Nothing fills you so much, and it is a little the disenchantment of the day to day compared to going up to a stage. It is also very difficult to have companions on the road who stay by your side and do not get lost along the way. Not of people but of things to write, processes … But nobody follows the rhythm. For example, with couples it becomes very difficult.

Q: Only a musician can be with a musician?

A: I do not know. I do not know how to respond

Q: Is it difficult to be with a musician?

A: I think it's hard to be with someone. It is a time bomb.

Q: At the end of the song "Levedad", is it your son who sings the beginning of the next song?

A: Yes, it's my son. He is a hyper fan of mine. Of the few things he likes about music are Arctic Monkeys and me. I realized with "Caza de scarves" that based on playing it with the guitar he learned it. When I started to sing the next one, which starts with that song, I saw that the child was doing it and I said "well I have it". It is a wild card that every singer father can use only once, which is his son humming. Also, it is noticeable that it is very small. We were in the Metro and that's what you hear in the background.

Q: So Rayden is still going on Metro.

A: Yes, yes, yes. I love going on the Metro, although it's true that when it's full and people do not wash their shoulder bags I do not love them that much.

Q: Would you like your son to be a singer?

A: No. I would like him to be a notary (laughs). May he earn a lot of money and not make music. I study hard so that I do as little as possible. Although it has a rhythm (musical) that exceeds 75% of the adult population. Its rhythm and its coordination. I remember one of the typical Christmas functions in the nursery school and none of them followed the rhythm nor fluke and I was listening to someone who was following him and, I swear he was my son! Then I saw his legs and he set the pace. When I do something with the guitar he continues with the toy battery and follows the rhythm.

P: Same thing that ends up being a musician …

A: (laughs) I'm about to lie to him and tell him I'm a minstrel, and then go on saying "my dad is a minstrel".


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