Raúl dynamites the faith of Gran Tarajal

The Pulido San Mateo Bakery achieved its second victory by defeating Gran Tarajal, who continues without adding three (1-0). A solitary goal from Raúl, in the aftermath of the contest, tipped the balance in favor of the squad of coach Juan Carlos Socorro.

In a dynamic first half and without a clear dominator, both teams tried to get closer to the domains of goalkeepers Edu and Agoney, although without success to create important scoring chances. The ineffectiveness in attack of San Mateo and Gran Tarajal led to no goals being seen in this initial period.

The first approach was for the Majorero side, with a free kick, which was rejected by the local goalkeeper Edu. In the Gran Canaria replica, Nano took a nice play out of his hat.

After a quarter of an hour, Gran Tarajal again tried his luck with a combination on the wing between David and Caliche, who took advantage of the latter to penetrate to the bottom line and serve back before the arrival of Héctor, but the visiting striker could not define. Socorro’s block tried to bring danger to Agoney’s surroundings, but without luck to overcome the solid defensive gear of Maxi Barrera’s men.

After the restart, the script did not change. In minute 57, Barrera’s men again caressed the 0-1, but David’s shot, in the mouth of the goal, after Hector’s center, was once again ruined by goalkeeper Edu. After crossing the equator, Braulio ran into a feline Agoney.

At the end of the contest, San Mateo scored the three points with a play in which Raúl received inside the area and a crossed shot was taken with which he beat Agoney. Until the final whistle, Maxi Barrera’s team tried, albeit unsuccessfully, not to leave the emptiness of Gran Canaria. The defensive rigor jumped through the air and the insistence of the San Mateo took a chest of gold.


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