Raúl Castro reaffirms his support for Díaz-Canel and his style in the presidency

Raúl Castro reaffirms his support for Díaz-Canel and his style in the presidency

The ex-leader and leader of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro, today underlined his support for the work style and decisions of his successor, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who assumed power in April and is the first Cuban president in sixty years. His surname is Castro.

Raúl Castro affirmed, in a speech delivered at the official ceremony for the sixty years of the Cuban Revolution, that the leadership of the PCC (only legal) "strongly supports the pronouncements and actions undertaken" by Diaz-Canel, 58 years old and born after the triumph of the insurrection led by Fidel Castro.

The younger Castro highlighted the new president's "work system based on the visit to the territories and communities, the link with the groups, and the direct exchange with the people."

He also appreciated that Diaz-Canel promotes the accountability of leaders through the state media and social networks, as well as the "systematic control" of the main development programs and the promotion of a style of management and collective management of state and government bodies.

The leader of the government PCC considered that the process of transfer to the new generations of the main responsibilities of the country is going "very well, without any setbacks or frights", and showed his confidence that it will continue like this.

"We are deeply satisfied, happy and confident to see with our own eyes how the new generations assume the mission of continuing the construction of socialism, the only guarantee of independence and national sovereignty," said Castro.

He also assured that the Revolution that came to power on January 1, 1959 "has not aged, is still young", and considered that this "is not a rhetorical phrase" but a "historical confirmation" because from the first moments and throughout of six decades its protagonists were young people.

"The revolutionary process is not confined to the biological life of those who initiated it, but to the will and commitment of the young people who ensure its continuity," he stressed.

Castro stressed that the new generations of Cubans have a duty to ensure that this process "is forever a revolution of young people" and at the same time a "socialist revolution of the humble, for the humble and for the humble."


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