Rato enters prison today to fulfill his sentence for the "black"

Rato enters prison today to fulfill his sentence for the "black"

The former Vice President of the Government Rodrigo Rato will be imprisoned in the next few hours to serve his sentence to four and a half years in jail for the "black" cards of Caja Madrid, after the National Court denied his freedom while waiting for solve your protection.

The former minister will have until tonight to appear voluntarily in the penitentiary center he chooses, as he confirmed on the day before the court, which was against suspending entry on understanding that the competent body to do so would be the Constitutional Court.

He will appeal to Rato before the end of November to request the reversal of the sentence, pronounced three weeks ago, on the grounds that the magistrates violated their fundamental rights.

According to the verdict of the Supreme Court, which endorsed the criterion of the first instance, the former managing director of the IMF "maintained and extended a perverted system from its origin", allowing the holders of the cards to use them for their benefit without having to justify expenses, which at that time "was outside the law".

Thus, those convicted of misappropriation, including the other fourteen on those who weigh more than two years in prison, acted as if they were "owners of the money", investing the amounts they considered appropriate in disbursements that they themselves decided.

In his brief against the execution, Rato's defense alleged the lack of risk of escape and ruled out the possible lack of protection of the victims when they were supposedly "non-existent" in this case "as evidenced by his procedural attitude and the reparation of the damage," and guaranteed "to have returned the 99,000 euros of those available.

At the moment, they have not transcended details about the prison in which Rato will serve a sentence, whose election will be at his discretion to be a right recognized by law as long as the former minister meets the deadline granted by the room, which expires tonight.


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