April 21, 2021

Rato denounces pressure from the Government to increase the provisions of Bankia and four other news

Rodrigo Rato también ha apuntado que el expresidente de BBVA le pidió dimitir el 6 de mayo de 2012


1. Rato says that the government pressured him to increase the provisions "without any legal basis". The former president of Bankia Rodrigo Rato has denounced on Monday that he suffered pressure from the Government to increase sanitation "without any legal basis and without the coverage of the accounting standards of the Bank of Spain ».

2. The end of the Christmas campaign is felt: in January 204,865 jobs were destroyed. The registered unemployment in the offices of employment has risen in 83,464 people in January in relation to the previous month. What in relative values ​​represents an increase in unemployment of 2.61%, repeating what happened the first month of last year when the number of unemployed also rose by 63,747.

3. O'Leary will cease to be the CEO of Ryanair to preside over a holding company with all the subsidiaries of the low cost. Ryanair announced Monday that its CEO, Michael O'Leary, will abandon his current duties as manager of the day to day of the airline to move to directing a 'supra-structure' that includes in addition to Ryanair, Lauda, ​​Ryanair Sun and a British subsidiary, that has created to overcome the problems derived from the 'Brexit', at the head of which will be the next five years.

4. ATA describes as "bad data" to start 2019 registered unemployment in January. The National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers ATA has indicated this Monday that the statistic of registered unemployment of the month of January is a «terrible data» to begin 2019, since in spite of which January is traditionally a bad month for the employment, this year it is noticeable a "more pronounced" form than in previous years and presents the worst figures since January 2013.

5. Consumers pay in commissions almost the total costs of banking employees, according to Adicae. Those considered as five main Spanish financial entities entered in 2018 a total of 21,347 million euros only in commissions, a percentage that supposes 24% of the gross margin of its income in all the exercise, according to the calculations realized by the Association of Users, Banks, Boxes and Insurances of Spain (Adicae).


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