Raquel Mosquera and her car accident with a ‘Viva la vida’ team

A moment from the program & # 039; Viva la vida & # 039 ;.

A moment from the ‘Viva la vida’ program.

Raquel Mosquera is not at her best. The hairdresser is recovering from her latest psychotic break, which has caused a team from ‘Viva la vida’ to travel to her house to find out her state of health. This fact has led to a car accident.

The one who was Pedro Carrasco’s partner took one of the vehicle’s rear-view mirrors in front of him. Although his demeanor was friendly, the reporter Sergio Silva affirms that he left without providing him with the necessary information to play a friendly part. The journalist believes that it is because he did not have the necessary documentation in his possession, since he tried to search without success.

Finally, the one who was a contestant of ‘Survivors 2018’ has entered the program live by phone to clarify the situation: “I got too close to the car of the companions and it was I who hit the mirror, my mirror against his.” Although these statements coincide with those of the reporter, Mosquera claims to have provided them with all the information so that their insurance could take care of the repair.

Silva has denied that the latter is true, assuring that the cameraman had told him that the insurance had not yet confirmed that Mosquera would be responsible for the expenses. She instead remained firm in her position: “I told the partner that if he needed something, he would call me.”


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