Rapper Kase.O publishes part of his new work this December 31

Zaragoza, Dec 29 (EFE) .- The fans of rapper Kase.O will be able to enjoy his new work, “Divertimentos”, on digital platforms on the last day of 2020, this coming Thursday, in which he will offer a new series of songs .

As the musician explains in a press release, these are songs that are conceived as joint creation experiences with various producers and ‘crews’ from the scene, whose purpose is to share and enjoy the different processes.

These songs will hit the market as separate volumes to preserve the freshness of the tracks and avoid the traumatic process of putting together an old-fashioned album.

The first “Divertimento” is made up of two songs resulting from the coexistence in the Metropol studio with the producer combo Harto and Escandaloso Xpósito. It will also be released on vinyl and the pre-reservation will be communicated in due time.

This new material by the Zaragoza rapper is going to be presented in small doses that in the future will be reunited in an LP but accessible in advance.


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