June 14, 2021

Rapper Jon James dies after falling from a plane – La Provincia

Rapper Jon James dies after falling from a plane - La Provincia

The world of music is mourning the tragic death of the Canadian singer Jon James, who has died at 34 years old while recording his last video clip.

The young rapper was shooting his last job two days ago, which included a daring acrobatics in the wing of a small plane, with the bad luck of which the pilot lost the control of the ship and the singer did not have the sufficient time to activate the parachute, dying in the act when arriving at earth.

But what is most striking is that Jon is not a beginner and aerial acrobatics is his other great passion, just like musicHe was also a professional freestyle skier years ago, although he was forced to retire due to his injuries.

No more victims of the tragic accident, since the pilot managed to land without problem after spiraling. The accident is being investigated and for now they have only explained that "the small Cessna plane went into a downward spiral that the pilot could not correct." Jon stayed in the wing until it was too late and by the time he let go did not have time to pull the ring of the parachute. He died instantly. "The same text states that" he had trained intensely for this acrobatics ", defending that he was a great artist and that he was very aware of the risks he was facing assuming his dangerous challenges.

Being aware of this reality, he explained to his brother and friends that they were looking for his unpublished material, like this video that was still in development.

The artist's fans mourn his death and ask for a more concise explanation of what happened.


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