Rapper Arkano and verseador Yeray Rodríguez perform together at the Teresa de Bolívar Encounter

Rapper Arkano

Rapper Arkano

The rapper from Alicante Arkano and the Gran Canaria verifier Yeray Rodriguez will hold on September 11 in Teror a stimulating verbal combat on the stage of the 32nd edition of the Teresa de Bolívar Music Meeting, which will take place in the Plaza de Sintes de Teror, at 9:00 p.m., organized by the Nanino Díaz Cutillas Canarian Foundation of the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria.

The event for which all tickets have already been sold out, also has the participation of the popular Tenerife comedian Dario Lopez, who will act as master of ceremonies of a singular show in which the representative of the so-called ‘freestyle’ of rap will cross his style with that of the maximum defender of the Cuban point, all this enlivened by a group that will be made up of the musicians Brigitte Sosa ( bass), Ner Suárez (piano and guitar) and Fernando García (percussion).

Behind Arkano, he hides Guillermo Rodriguez (Alicante, 1994), one of the best rappers in Spain, who in his proposal offers wit, LGTB and feminist commitment and a simply amazing capacity for improvisation. He is the 2015 international champion of the Red Bull Batalla de Gallos for being the person in the world who has been rapping the longest without stopping: 24 hours, 34 minutes and 27 seconds. He has collaborated with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Melendi, Rosana, Love of Lesbian or Café Quijano, and very soon we will be able to see him demonstrating his culinary arts in one more edition of the famous Master Chef Celebrity program.

Yeray Rodríguez is a Doctor of Literature, professor at the ULPGC and Full member of the Canarian Academy of LanguageAs an improviser poet, he has been touring the Canarian stages since the end of 1998. He is the author of four record works. He has collaborated on a good number of recordings as a performer or lyricist on albums published in the Canary Islands, Mexico or Puerto Rico.

He has given suddenness workshops at all educational levels and has represented the Canary Islands in various international events held in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Cuba, Chile, Panama, the United States, Peru, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, the Dominican Republic or Venezuela, in some cases delegated by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain. He has organized and directed more than thirty international sudden events held in different municipalities of the Canary Islands.

Darío López is the visible face of Palante, a firm under which he has gained popularity through the networks where Darío shares his particular audiovisual productions in search of humor and entertainment.

Darío moves in a varied style that channels through parody, jokes and puns, always with a modern and up-to-date vision combined with the most representative aspects of the Canarian idiosyncrasy.

In addition to the most popular street Carnival costumes in recent years, among the longest-running works of Palante Producciones are parodies of advertisements and movie trailers. In a new stage, Darío López, has dared to go live and fill theaters with his monologues and presentations of acts in his usual humorous line.


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