'Raphaelismo', the series about Raphael from Movistar +, will premiere on January 13

The documentary series about the singer Raphael, 'Raphaelism', a project that has the collaboration of the artist himself, already has a release date in Movistar +, next January 13, as reported by the platform on Thursday in a statement.

The first of the four episodes of the original documentary series Movistar + will hit the platform that day, with the banner of being "an intimate portrait that delves into secrets, desires, thoughts and dreams of an unrepeatable human being, who arouses controversies and passions, who lives in tomorrow and never gives up, even in moments of greatest adversity. "

Produced by Movistar + in collaboration with Dadá Films & Entertainment and Universal Music Spain (GTS Entertainment), "Raphaelismo" is the first and only documentary with the direct involvement of Raphael himself, his family, RLM and Universal and comes when the artist turns sixty on the stage.

"Raphaelismo is a genre in itself, an artistic movement that goes beyond the character. It is the artist's legacy to future generations ", has pointed out the platform about this project that has been created and directed by Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega from Dadá Films & Entertainment, nominated for Goya for 'Anatomy of a Dandy' (2020).

"When we began to devise 'Raphaelismo' we asked ourselves a question: what remains to be learned about Raphael? What can we tell that has not been told? We made an effort to do one thing: find traces of Rafael Martos under the star's layers of the PH Is there anything left of the human being? How is it in short distances? What is Raphael like when the lights go out and he faces his fears? ", the creators have pointed out in the statement.

Arnaiz and Ortega assure that they have achieved reach "the heart that beats under the black shirt" since the series "discovers an unpublished artist, calm, thoughtful, willing to tell things like never before".

All this thanks to the help of his loved ones, the testimony of more than 50 personalities from different fields and access to your most intimate archive.

Along with the documentary series, Movistar + is preparing a self-produced show called 'Raphael Revisited' that will be broadcast the night of the day December 31 at # 0.

This special program includes the performances of three groups and soloists, gathered on the same stage, to honor the figure of Raphael. Recorded at the Teatro Magno, Madrid, the program features the interpretations of Varry Brava, who covers "My great night"; Elephants, who gives voice and music to "Se me va" and “Say what they say”, (the latter in collaboration with Maren); and Maren and his band sing “When you are not there”. The program has Arturo Paniagua as presenter.

Each artist has chosen the theme they wanted to cover, and has prepared a version with their own personal touch, "something that shows that Raphael's themes are intergenerational and can be revisited by artists of all time.


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