July 24, 2021

Raphael offers another great night – La Provincia

Raphael offers another great night - La Provincia

Another great night with Raphael, paraphrasing his song My big night. He had it and made the audience part of it. The singer, accompanied by a band of seven musicians, did not disappoint the 3,500 spectators who did not want to miss the opportunity to have the artist live again in the capital of Gran Canaria, after he was forced to cancel a concert in December of last year. performance in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium due to a cold.

Last night, in Gran Canaria Arena, justified the effort of the public of different generations, older people to whom the music of the Linares singer has accompanied them throughout their lives; and others, middle-aged and young, who for different reasons approach Raphael, also knowing that a concert of his is a spectacle. A generous repertoire of 34 songs, which turns their live performances into an experience that borders on two and a half hours, and even exceeds them: one hundred percent delivery, attitude, and a voice that apparently and heard last night remains seamless. All this with a band that inflates the rhythmic pulse that the Raphael of 2018 needs.

"Every time he comes, we're here, he canceled last year because he got bad, but he's like our big brother, even though he's older than us." It is the testimony of María Dolores Pacheco and Dolores Arrocha, who arrived at the pavilion of Seven Palms half an hour before the beginning of the concert, scheduled at 9:00 p.m. "Since I was 10 years old I was in love with Raphael", they emphasize. "For us he is our child, he has a lot of personality and he has been in music for 50 years", and that is not what anyone does ".

The argument of these two friends was repeated among the public that populated almost all of the capacity of the Gran Canaria Arena. Natividad Santana and Susi Díaz are two other friends who wore one of the letters of the artist's name. "I've seen it four times," says Natividad Santana, who repeated last night because he had the conviction that "it's the last time I'm going to see him because I do not think he'll come back to the Canaries anymore, I do not know, but I did the same with Julio Iglesias, just in case. "

In the pavilion all eyes were fixed on the stage when the clock read 21:00. Minutes later, the band left with the introduction of the tour Crazy to singand Raphael, with his usual black outfit, did not appear at all. The applause sounded like thunder, to which the artist responded with obeisances and greetings of thanks. From there, music, today's and yesterday's, to be rigorous with the sequence of the repertoire and the concert, was the protagonist.

Raphael handles his times well, and since the present and works as Infinite dances, released in 2016, have oxygenated their repertoire with songs written by Spanish artists such as Bunbury, Iván Ferreiro, Rozalén or Izal, among others, began their concert with three pieces included in this album: Infinite dances, composed by Mikel Izal; Although sometimes it hurts, by Dani Martín; and The same (crazy for singing), by Diego Cantero, who also gives name to the tour that brought him to the Island.

He did not hear a word from him beyond the lyrics until he finished this entrant in three colors, chanted with generous palms and ovations to his characteristic gestures. "Well, what a pleasure and happiness to be back in Las Palmas," exclaimed Raphael, who logically had the audience's response with applause.

And if the public had not noticed the fact, explained that "these are the last songs of my last album for five days." A just pause to put the auditorium of Gran Canaria Arena upside down after it said: "I know very well what they have come to." The artist took off his leather jacket, and the pavilion collapsed when the chords of My big night, in a renewed version and with a play of lights according to one of his hymns, and which the audience accompanied as if a choir of 3,000 voices was part of the production.

From there, a torrent of emotions with thirty pieces, with winks to Jacques Brel and Violeta Parra, and a final part that portrays the Raphael that always seeks the public, and to whom he offered, among others, In the flesh, Scandal, Whatand know nobody, I am that or How I love you.


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