Raphael, a movie concert | Culture

Raphael, a movie concert | Culture

There was a desire for Raphael (Linares, 1943). Not even the first violin tuning the Malaga Symphony Orchestra could silence the tumult of the stalls. Neither its director, Rubén Diez. Not an introduction to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. And less Raphael himself, who caused a gigantic ovation that seemed more the end than the beginning of the concert. The singer presented his new album at the Teatro Real yesterday, Resinphonic, an orchestral review of his greatest hits that was published last November and that will be presented in 2019 in Cádiz, Málaga but also in Miami, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and London.

His new work sounds like persecution, countdown and mystery. To James Bond. But also to drama, romance and adventure. It sounds like a movie. It will be because the composer Lucas Vidal has produced it, a young talent of soundtracks with one foot in Hollywood and two Goya to his credit. A project that was recorded in Abbey Road (London) and that renews the mythical themes of the Linares artist. He has adapted them to the new times and has dyed them with electronics. It is not the first time that the singer adapts his work to an orchestra. He already did it in 2015 with his disc Syphonic. But this time his music has an epic patina. Raphael dresses in the grandiosity of soundtracks and symphonic music, but mixing with electronics. The result is a risky proposal that the public, among which Albert Rivera, Carlos Herrera or Kike Sarasola, welcomed yesterday euphoric.

With 75 years, Raphael turned the theater into a disco. Whatever they say It unleashed the furor and continued the techno with the eclectic lights and projections of My big night. Duos with the recorded voice of Carlos Gardel, tango and the Drummer clothed with dozens of mobile flashlights and many wiggles of shoulders and head because it was not a concert to listen sitting. I asked for a dance.

Vidal, who will not be able to accompany Raphael on his international tour due to work commitments, went public. And the artist wanted him to accompany him during his most iconic song, one of the last ones he played. "He has made these arrangements possible in immortal songs and he is going to direct one of them: I am that", Introduced the singer.

Yesterday Raphael became the speaker who raises his faithful several times during the mass. Tireless 30 subjects, 30 times the audience stood up and sat down. Without getting tired because the artist was not running out either. More than two hours of concert without rest. Indefatigable. Without being granted more license than to sit down a single song to rest after the electronics of My big night. Raphael says he will never retire. It shows in their direct. It has strength for a lot. For, after 57 years on the stages, keep renewing.


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