March 2, 2021

Rapder snatches Skone’s dream of two-time championship and is crowned at Red Bull

The Mexican Rapder (i) after proclaiming himself champion of the Red Bull.

The Mexican Rapder (i) after proclaiming himself champion of the Red Bull.

The Mexican Rapder became the champion of the International Final of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2020 in the Dominican Republic by snatching the Spanish Skone the dream of the two-time championship in the last round.

Rapder occupied the throne of Bnet as the best fighter in the world when surpassing the Peruvian Stick in eighths, to the Puerto Rican Yartzi in quarters, to the Dominican revelation Lirical Exodus in the semifinals and Spanish Skone in the final thanks to his “aggressiveness, maturity and his experience”, as he told EFE in the hours before the appointment.

Through tears, an emotional Rapder declared himself “happy” and “still unaware” of his feat, which goes beyond winning the belt: “Everyone knows the process and the mistakes I had. I have surpassed myself and I have cleared that shadow (on recent controversies, as before Sara Socas). I’m left with knowing that you can be wrong, fall, be in “shit” and that mentally you have to continue “.

After his national triumphs in Mexico in 2018 and 2020, Rapder reaches international glory for the first time and, with his triumph, brings the number of Red Bull Aztec champions to three, by incorporating his feats to those of his compatriots Hadrian (2008) and Aczino (2017).

In addition, the Jalicean writes his name along with historical champions such as Frescolate (2005), Rayden (2006), Link One (2007), Noult (2009), Dtoke (2013), Invert (2014), Arkano (2015), Skone ( 2016), Wos (2018) and Bnet (2019).

Rapder put his name in history of the ‘mother of all battles’ by taking away from Skone the possibility of becoming the first competitor capable of winning twice the title of best Spanish-speaking improviser in the world.

“Skone has much more baggage than I do. If I listened to him and followed his game, his experience would play against me. I have forgotten about him and focused on what I had to do,” said the Mexican after the victory.

The malagueño, undisputed legend of improvised rap, He accepted his defeat sportily through a message on his social networks, moments after staying at the gates of glory: “We tried and it couldn’t be. I’m happy with my role, runner-up in the world 4 years later it seems like a good brand. I did what I could, sorry to those who trusted in me and it could not have been for little. Congratulations to Rapder, just champion “.

The Jalisco, as he declared to EFE before the event, kept his word and exhibited himself “psyched to be champion” in all his interventions with the intention of completing a milestone and “building his own path”, beyond the influence that Aczino has had on the Aztec scene.

“My career is not focused on being the new Aczino”he stated before the event. “He is a giant, but I am making my own career, I do not want to be the second ‘Mau’, but the first Rapder”, he ventured to predict.

His victory completely broke the two-time championship aspirations of Skone and Aczino himself, who repeated as third place after losing to Skone in an epic battle, automatically securing his ticket to the next International Final. It remains to be seen if the Mexican will decide to accept his place since he announced his withdrawal from the competitive circuit this year.

The Madrilenian Bnet nor could he write in gold letters a page that will continue to be unpublished in the world of ‘freestyle’ and saw his aspirations frustrated in the quarterfinals after falling to the Dominican Exodus Lirical, revelation at 18 for his meritorious fourth place, which was confirmed as one of the greatest promises of Spanish-speaking rap.

Before, in the round of 16, Bnet and the Colombian Valles-T revived the final of the last edition held in Madrid. In one of the most anticipated battles by the fans, the Spanish and the Colombian met at the first exchange rate. Bnet reaffirmed himself as one of the most special improvisers on the circuit thanks to his characteristic style and frustrated the coffee grower’s desire for revenge.


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