March 6, 2021

Ranking of construction companies

Construction Activities and Services (ACS) has risen as the construction company with the highest volume of income from its activity abroad, ahead of other large companies in the sector worldwide, such as the French Vinci and Bouygues.

The company chaired by Florentino Pérez, with a total turnover of 43.279 million dollars (38.582 million euros) in 2018, is also the Spanish company with the highest revenues in the sector. The annual report of 'Global Powers of Construction', prepared by Deloitte, highlights that in total, Among the 100 largest construction companies in the world are seven Spanish: ACS, that has increased its sales by 10%; Acciona, with 8,865 million dollars (7,903 million euros, + 8%); FCC, with 7,070 million dollars (6,303 million euros, + 8%); Ferrovial, with 6,773 million dollars (6,038 million euros, -51%); Sacyr, with 4,481 million dollars (3,995 million euros, + 28%); OHL, with 3,432 million dollars (3,060 million euros, -5%) and San José Group, with 895 million dollars (798 million euros, + 16%). According to the study, these hundred companies billed last year about 1.4 trillion dollars (1.25 trillion euros), 10% more than in 2017.

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"The perspectives of the sector at a global level for the coming years are good and the market is expected to grow clearly above the global increase in GDP," according to the responsible global partner of Engineering and Construction of Deloitte, Javier Parada. Parada also highlights that in the coming years China, the United States, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and Nigeria – will account for 70% of all global growth under construction until 2030.

ACS, with a turnover of 43.279 million dollars and an interannual growth of 10%, occupies the seventh position, behind the Chinese CSCEC (181.467 million), CREC (112.026 million), CRCC (110.473 million) and CCCC (73.939 million) , the French Vinci (51,378 million) and the Chinese one (43,809 million).

A) Yes, ACS Repeats as a leader in international sales, with business revenues abroad representing 86% ($ 37,124 million) of its total sales


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