Ranchers say they are "touched to death" and ask for help

They met two months ago and "far from improving or stabilizing" the situation since then "has only gotten worse"

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

Professional organizations of farmers consider that the sector is "touched to death" due, among other reasons, to the increase in the price of animal feed, for which they have asked the Government of the Canary Islands for aid
“in a very short period of time” in order to survive.

organizations ASAGACanarias-ASAJA, COAG, UPA, AGATE, ACRICATI, Cooperativa La Candelaria and the Poultry and Porcine Health Defense Associations of Tenerife have requested this Thursday at a press conference a new meeting with the president of the Canary Islands,
Angel Victor Torres with whom they met two months ago and "far from improving or stabilizing" the situation since then "has only gotten worse."

The livestock organizations request, in particular, a line of specific support to mitigate the price of food, the increase in
20% on games of the Posei, the revision of the aids of the REA to the importation of products that compete with the local ones and the promotion of the production of the local fodder.

They also require compliance with the
Canary food chain lawpromote the recognition of the local product among consumers and in the hotel industry and the reinforcement of the controls of entrances to the islands of livestock production to punish irregularities in the importation of products.

All these measures were transferred to the president of the Canary Islands at the first meeting they held, although for the time being they have not received the immediate response they need, since, as they have insisted, the
despair that is lived requires urgent and forceful solutions.

Jorge Pelayo, from UPA Canarias, has warned that the livestock sector is "dead" due to the rise in prices of raw materials with which to feed animals, which has
"absolutely suffocated".

As reported, the
price increase is continuous and has given as an example the cost of a sack of millet, which has gone from being worth
3 to 12 euros a bag.

«There is speculation with animal feed and with the
family economy«, He has stated, while criticizing that the Government has not given them aid so that the farmer can find it profitable to sell their products.

It has also pointed out that the various links in the production chain have to assume the
extra costswhich right now fall on consumers and farmers, he added.

He has regretted that every month they close
livestock farms in the Canary Islandswhere from 2014 to 2020 24 percent have left and there are currently 4,100, a thousand less than seven years ago.

«The sector is touched by death, we need immediate aid; It's not a joke", asserted the representative of UPA Canarias, who has insisted on the importance of
be sustainable and sell at a fair price, for which it is only necessary to apply the legislation.

The general secretary of ASAGA Canarias ASAJA, Theo Hernando, has denounced that, although the Government has listened to farmers, the measures taken both at the regional and state levels are articulated
"too slow".

Hernando has pointed out that companies
they will not arrive on time to receive them, while at the same time asking for extra means to comply with the food chain law.

He has also demanded responsibility from the Government because there are many families who live from livestock, hence the importance of meeting again with
Angel Victor Torres to explain to you how the processing of the proposed measures is going and take the opportunity to ask you to
speed up the process.

All the proposals have been taken by the ranchers in assemblies and, in the event that Torres does not attend to them, they have advanced that
they do not rule out no response action, which will be decided again in assembly.

In addition, he stressed that it is essential that the hotel industry be involved and that
consume wine, cheese and meat in hotels and restaurants «at decent prices».

The general secretary of ASAGA Canarias ASAJA has referred to the REA, which, in his opinion, hinders the development of the
livestock in the Canary Islands.

He has commented that there are foreign companies that bring free milk to the Canary Islands, which means that the islands' dairy farming has
"the days numbered".

In his speech, Theo Hernando advocated promotion campaigns that inform that
producing in the Canary Islands is more expensivefor the quality of its products and for the labor rights of workers.

On the importance of growing forage on the islands, he has argued that there are abandoned lands that could be used for it, and he has detailed that in Fuerteventura,
where there are 80,000 goatsYes, there is land available for it and yet the hectares dedicated to it are scarce.

Miguel López, island secretary of COAG in Tenerife, has once again demanded that the Government provide additional resources to farmers in a
"real and effective" so that the food chain law can be complied with.

He has accused the Government of not fully understanding what is happening and of giving an answer
"very slow"; while José Manuel Expósito, from AGATE, along the same lines, has asked the Executive to take measures given the seriousness of the events.

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