April 14, 2021

Ramos recognizes that he looked for the yellow one and could be sanctioned | sports

Ramos recognizes that he looked for the yellow one and could be sanctioned | sports

In the 89th minute of the Champions League round of 16 match against Ajax, with 1-2 on the scoreboard, a suffered victory, Sergio Ramos knocked down Kasper Dolberg and the referee, the Slovenian Damir Skormina, showed him a yellow card . It was his third caution in this edition of the European Cup, which could not play the second leg, but it was guaranteed to be able to play without threat of suspension the following eliminatory. At the end of the game, in the first interviews, he denied having purposely searched for the card with this calculation, but the journalists insisted on asking him and he ended up saying: "Seeing the result, the truth is that I would lie to you. It is not to underestimate the opponent nor to think that the tie has been over.There are times in football when you have to make complicated decisions and, well, I have decided that way, in minute 88, I will lose that [el partido de vuelta], and although I am not in the field I will cheer like an ultra more, "he said.

UEFA punishes players who seek to be reprimanded on purpose, so Sergio Ramos risks receiving a penalty that could be up to two games after admitting his intentions, one for the number of cards and another for having sought it. That was the punishment last season to his teammate Dani Carvajal, who forced the card in the penultimate game of the group stage, when they were already qualified for the second round, and then could not play the first leg of that tie.

Minutes later, he tried to redo his version of events through two tweets: "In a game there are many tensions, many sensations and many pulsations. You have to make decisions in seconds. The best of today is the result. The worst thing, not being able to be in the back with my teammates for a haul of the game, "he wrote in the first, and finally extended his explanations with a second message:"I want to make it clear that it hurts more than anyone, that I have not forced the card, as I did against Roma in my previous Champions League game., and that I will support from the stands as one more fan with the illusion of being able to be in the quarterfinals ".

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