September 26, 2020

Ramos: “Messi has won to decide his future, but I don’t know if he does it in the best way” – La Provincia

The captain of the Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, pointed out that Leo’s departure Messi of Spanish football and FC Barcelona would not consider it as good news as a rival, while affirming that the Argentine he “has won to decide his future”, although he left the doubt as to whether he is doing it in the best way or not.

“It is an issue that we must leave aside. I believe that Messi has earned the respect of deciding his future, I don’t know if he will be doing it in the best way or not, but for Spanish football, Barça and we like it win being the best. We would like Messi to always stay here“he said Wednesday.

Ramos appeared at a press conference in Stuttgart, within the convocation of the Spanish selection on the occasion of the League of Nations. The central, in addition to the news of ‘La Roja’, He answered two questions about Messi’s on-air future.

“Messi makes the Spanish league and his team better, and the classics more beautiful. He is one of the best in the world, there is little more to add, respect has been earned, without any speculation, and we’ll see what happens. It is not worrying news, “he added.

“I would like to play everything”

The captain of the Spanish team was delighted to return to the official competition, with little rest and facing “a year of heart attack” where wants to “play it all”, including the Olympic Games, in addition to celebrating the fact that Luis Enrique Martínez is once again in charge of the national team.

“That Luis Enrique returns is always great news. He is a great coach, his record describes him, after his personal misfortune, the return has been a great joy, he knows us perfectly and he will get the best performance. We are very happy that he is the one who leads this selection“, affirmed this Wednesday.

Ramos appeared at a virtual press conference in Stuttgart, in the run-up to the match against Germany in the Nations League. The tournament of the UEFA, which celebrates its second edition, joins a very tight calendar due to the delay of the coronavirus pandemic and the competitions postponed to this summer, such as the Eurocup and the Games. Ramos is seen playing everything, even in Tokyo.

“I like to go little by little, seeing the sensations, seeing how I feel, that they continue to respect my injuries. It is one of the hardest years for the pandemic. The calendar is so fair that every three days we will have a game, it will be a year of heart attack. On a personal level, I would like to play everything and live each of those experiences. We will have time to dose when we are home in 10 years, “he said.

On the other hand, the captain of the national team referred to a call full of new faces. “In the end the more we know each other the better in the field, the coach will have that obsession of making a fixed group and is the ideal one to define a team that does not have much opportunity to do tests, “he confessed.

“Since 2006 we were almost always the same in the best team in history, now we are in a different situation, but the fusion between young and old has always been. Little by little we will have the same game identity, We have the same illusion of winning with the national team, and we are on the right path, “he added.


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