March 9, 2021

Ramos in the box recording a documentary

Ramos in the box recording a documentary

Ramos saw Real Madrid-Ajax from his box while three bulky cameras recorded the documentary that is shooting for Amazon. The captain was not at all discreet and while his team was falling, he recorded a documentary about his life.

That has provoked a lot of criticism in social networks and also in Real Madrid, which consider that Ramos' attitude has been, at least, not very elegant with respect to his team.

In Amsterdam the captain asked Solari if he could force the yellow to miss the return, as Madrid came with victory. Did.

Afterwards, he was not able to stand without saying that the card had been forced and they sanctioned him with one more match. With Nacho and Varane in the defense and with Casemiro away from his best days, Madrid did not know how to defend in the enthusiasm and quality of the Dutch and fell in eighths of Champions as he had not done since 2010.

In the Amazon documentary you can see how Sergio Ramos reacted to the defeat.


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