Ramos, from man to ‘ultraman’

What was going to be a day of preparation and training for a competition in Villanueva del Trabuco with friends, turned into a nightmare for Cristóbal Ramos, from Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga). Going down a firebreak he tripped on a stone that caused him to fall accompanied by two somersaults that resulted in a "very bad" whack on the back. A burst of the L1 vertebra in the lumbar spine "crushed" its marrow. What he didn’t know was that there was no going back. "When I got to the hospital the first thing they did was a CT scan and after that the doctors were forceful and spoke openly: You are going to stay in a wheelchair". That diagnosis a little more than seven years ago was the worst news the Saucedeño could have ever received. .

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