April 15, 2021

Ramos admits forcing the yellow and then rectifying – The Province

Ramos admits forcing the yellow and then rectifying - The Province

Did you provoke the card or not? To make it clear … It's the question they ask Sergio Ramos in the mixed zone at the end of the match eighth finals of the Champions League front to Ajax. And the captain of Real Madrid, although he must know perfectly the precedents and the possible consequences of recognizing this lack, he goes back to screw up:

"Well, yes, the truth that seeing the result would lie to you if I tell you that it has been … It is something that I had in mind and well, it is not underestimate much less the rival or think that the tie has been passed, but there are times that in football you have to make complicated decisions and, well, I've decided that. In the 88th minute a card, I will lose that and even though I am not on the field I will cheer like an ultra more from the outside, from the stands, so that we close this tie and be able to enjoy the Champions quarters ".

Just make these statements that do not leave the UEFA place to doubts, they warned him of the grave error that he had committed and Ramos tried to fix it through twitter, publishing two messages to the risk that, instead of a game, the penalty is two, which would also lose the first game of the quarterfinals. And that in the field of play had made perfect, a failure to cut an advance of the rival that did not give rise to doubts or suspicions.

And then another one: "I want to make it clear that it hurts more than anyone, I have not forced the card nor did I do against Rome in my previous match of Champions League, and that I will support from the stands as one more fan with the illusion of being able to be in the quarterfinals. #Go Madrid"

Despite these clarifications of doubtful credibility, it is most likely that the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee will impose a match for the accumulation of warnings and another one for violating article 15 of the disciplinary regulation, which in one of its sections speaks of "a soccer player will be suspended for two games for receiving a yellow or red card on purpose".

This happened to his teammate Dani Carvajal in a Champions League game against Apocos de Nocosia and there are more precedents, one of them precisely to Sergio Ballesteros for a similar action in a match of Europa League in the year 2013 against the Helsingborgs.

Ramos is more serious because of the fact that this UEFA procedure comes precisely from the events that took place in 2010 in a match between Ajax and Real Madrid, curious coincidence that the Madrid captain must have been forgotten. So, José Mourinho, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos himself were punished for planning yellow cards in order to clean up in the face of upcoming rounds.

This same season UEFA has already applied this punishment, it was in the match between Porto and Schalke 04 corresponding to the penultimate day of the group stage. The player of the Corona Oporto forced a yellow to pass clean to eighths, to be already classified his team mathematically. The idea was to pass the penalty on the sixth day and play the eighth, but it was not. The penalty was two matches and, in fact, Corona could not play the first leg of the second round in Rome on Tuesday.


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