Ramona Maneiro: "Angel has been brave because in 21 years we have not made any progress" | Society

Ramona Maneiro: "Angel has been brave because in 21 years we have not made any progress" | Society

Ramona Maneiro, this Monday during her appearance at the cultural center of Boiro (A Coruña).

The heart of Ramona Maneiro, the woman who helped on January 12, 1998 the quadriplegic Ramón Sampedro to put an end to his long life after years of struggle in the courts, he turned around last week when he learned, by a journalist's call, that Ángel Hernández had done the same with his wife, María José Carrasco. "Angel has been brave," he said Monday during a press conference in Boiro (A Coruña). "It's very fucking help the person you love to leave, to go calm. Hopefully there are no next but the truth is that in 21 years this has not progressed anything.

Maneiro confesses that he has felt "healthy envy" of Hernandez because he "has been able to say goodbye to his wife facing the public, it was very beautiful". She, who was arrested after admitting to a TV show in 2005, when the crime had been prescribed, which had helped Sampedro die, is convinced that the legal measures that have been taken against Carrasco's husband they will remain in nothing: "To Angel I give him all the spirits of the world. Nothing will happen to you because it does not matter that there is much talk about the topic "of euthanasia.

The death of Carrasco, who suffered multiple sclerosis in terminal phase for three decades, has revived the debate of dignified death as at the time made the death of Sampedro. But Maneiro wonders how many "clandestine euthanasia" occur in a country that resists pushing for regulation. "I do not understand the fear of legalizing it; if it is done there will be few cases, "he says. She has never regretted having helped her partner to leave the life she did not want to take, but she regrets that cyanide was not a good method: "I do not regret anything but it hurt, because afterwards I heard people I knew about that and what I experienced was very ugly. I would do it in another way. "

He avoids talking about politics and claims to live apart from the frustrated steps that the legalization of euthanasia has taken in the Congress of Deputies due to the opposition of PP and Ciudadanos. "Stop talking, we want solutions," he says, addressing political parties. "There are people having a bad time, some are in the press and others are not." He also has words for Catholic believers "who believe that we have to suffer like Jesus Christ": "That they suffer, I do not want; to be legalized [la eutanasia para mí] and whoever wants to suffer suffer. " And to the media he asks them not to go from the "boom of the first day to oblivion" later: "If you talk about euthanasia every day, it would be great."


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