Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Ramn Medina bets to make the Canarian coach visible - La Provincia

Ramn Medina bets to make the Canarian coach visible - La Provincia

Ramón Medina González, new president of the Coaches Committee of Las Palmas, was officially presented to the coaches of Gran Canaria during an informative meeting held on Thursday night, April 4, at the Gran Canaria Arena, an event that included with the presence of 215 people.

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" One of our objectives is to give visibility to the Canarian coach that, in addition, will be protagonist of the different regional workshops and seminars that we want to carry out. We want to put the value to the coaches of our land, we are going to count on all of them, "Medina said shortly before announcing his intention to raise to the next board of directors of the FIFLP the requirement that all teams have a qualified trainer, although He stressed that it will be the assembly of the Interinsular which must have the last word on the proposal.

Medina González took advantage of this first informative meeting, which will continue in the rest of the islands in the coming days, to present its lines of work in the Committee, as well as to explain the particularities of the "Form together" project, a project born in the heart of the board of directors of the Federation.

Currently, the Coaches Committee has 3,184 members, of whom 703 have a contract with clubs. Medina stressed that 442 are managing teams in which federation does not require having qualified coaches, which shows the desire of many clubs to have qualified people at the head of their teams.

" We will be relentless in the frauds performed by those trainers who lend their title"This was another of the ideas presented by Ramón Medina during his extensive speech, which lasted almost two hours.

Among the lines of work that Medina intends to carry out in the next four years are the creation of new communication channels with the trainers, the creation of an employment exchange, agreements with specialized publishers, as well as regulatory modifications that affect this group.

Medina Gonzalez announced that, in the medium term, a training website would be created for the coaches, as well as the launching of different talks and seminars in the regional delegations of the Federation in which the protagonists would be Canary trainers, among them those who go to update days abroad with the financial support of the Committee.

The chairman of the Committee informed the audience that from Next season, licenses can be filled, in 80% of cases, through the platform CFutbol, "an initiative that will save inconvenient displacements".

"We need the cooperation of all, the doors of the Committee are open to transmit their opinion and concerns", Medina closed his speech.

In this act, the new president of the Committee, charge to which we must add the responsible for training and training, had the support of the president of the RFEF, Antonio Suárez Santana, and of Luis Chirino, his predecessor in the post and who had submitted the resignation two weeks before. Chirino Marrero received from the hands of Suárez Santana a plaque in recognition of the work carried out during the ten years in which he was responsible.


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