Ramis wins the first tactical battle against Pimienta

Luis Miguel Ramis and Garcia Pepper. / cdt and udlp

The blue and white coach prevails in the first Canarian derby of the Catalan, who tried with Maikel Mesa of false nine to unsettle a fierce and vertical Tenerife

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

Crouched, together and iron. This is how the CD Tenerife players came out in
the first leg of the playoff for promotion to the First Division against UD Las Palmas. It was enough for the locals to wait for the imbalances of the yellows to go to the jugular of Álvaro Valles. This is how Luis Miguel Ramis won the first tactical battle against García Pimienta, who was making his debut in a Canarian derby.

No one is going to find out now
Tenerife, second team that received fewer goals (37) this season in the silver category of Spanish football. Only Almería (35) conceded fewer goals than the Blue and Whites, who remained in promotion positions due to their reliability away from home and, of course, their strength in defensive tasks.

Soriano, feline when the task required reflexes, and the line of four defenders in which Miguel
Ramis adjusted to the point of turning it into life insuranceare the bases of a team in which everyone has the work overalls on for the ninety minutes plus the discount that the matches last.

Against Unión Deportiva, the Tenerife coach perfectly moved his chips on the board. with the sides
Moore and Mellot incise in the pressure, but measuring each of his climbs to the rival field; central defenders León and Carlos Ruiz tying Rafa Mujica short; and the two pivots acting as firefighters, the blue and white team was better than the yellow team.

Mollejo and Bermejo, from the sides, struck and created danger, especially by the band of a tired Cardona. Lemos, in his lane, better withstood the challenges and hurdles of Tenerife's courage. Upstairs, with Mario González moving as he pleased, Enric Gallego clashed with Eric Curbelo and Raúl Navas.

Every ball into the area was torture for Eric Curbelo, inferior in size and also in physique with Enric Gallego. The premises, in each
throw-in, they were looking for direct play and in length to the front spike. The satauteño, for his part, defended himself as best he could, always making all his individual duels hungry, but the difference in height played in favor of Ramis, who had worked well on that movement.

For the return, I could adjust Pepper the brand in that type of plays, because Raúl Navas takes out the one from Santa Brígida about nine centimeters. To put the matter in context, Gallego measures 190 centimeters, while Eric is 177.

The vertical and direct football of Tenerife

Tenerife's direct football was also more farsighted than the pause proposed by Las Palmas. The 1-0 showed certain anomalies in UD football, as the Pimienta squad had been giving exhibitions to the point of chaining eleven games in a row without knowing defeat.
Already the 29 possible points of the last 33 played in the League are worth nothingbut they must lead the way for the return to Gran Canaria.

The yellows became strong in each of these confrontations through possession of the ball, but always scoring
certain speed in the transitions and moving well from band to bandsomething that did not happen at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López last Wednesday.

Tenerife's double pivot completely annulled Kirian. The pressure also from the two strikers made Mfulu less operative, somewhat thicker with the ball than in recent games.
He had to go back again and again his position Jonathan Viera to try to activate their own. But that made him live in a world of the area where he does the most damage: near the rival area.

28% possession for Tenerife and 72% for Las Palmas

The yellow possession was sterile for many minutes of the confrontation. The percentages, in fact, were distributed
28% for CD Tenerife and 72% for UD Las Palmas. The difference, moreover, in the number of passes given during the contest is overwhelming.

147 passes were given by the group led by Ramis, while he
García Pimienta distributed 500. With such a short record, it earned the locals to take the first round of the promotion playoff.

You will have to tread thin now Pepper, in view of
turn Saturday's tie around, starting at 8:00 p.m., at the Gran Canaria Stadium. It will be key, everything is said, knowing how to manage the anxiety of having to beat Juan Soriano. Tenerife will come out to maintain the result and will continue to wait for their moment to run, finding space behind Eric and Navas.
Patience seems decisive in Siete Palmas.

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