October 22, 2020

Rajoy says that he did not receive a fine for leaving during confinement

Rajoy with Feijóo.

Rajoy with Feijóo.

The former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy has revealed this Friday that he did not receive a fine for leaving during the lockdown and has confessed that in the end se had to buy an exercise bike to do sport. “I have not received any fine,” he stressed, to add that he tries to comply with the law.

This is how Rajoy spoke at the beginning of the debate on Europe’s response to the pandemic that has organized the La Toja Forum in Pontevedra. The former president has shared a table with former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, political scientist Ivan Krastev, and Ignacio Torreblanca, director and principal investigator of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Rajoy has pointed out that at the beginning of the pandemic there was a situation of “surprise and ignorance” before the coronavirus. Later, he has continued, a stage of “great concern” arrived at the number of infections and deaths. In fact, he has said that everyone knows people who have “been through this nightmare.”

“Now, we are in uncertainty, when is this going to end, we have been confined, we can play sports … I had to buy an exercise bike. You couldn’t even play sports“, has confessed the ex-president of the Government.

“I try to comply with the law”

When he was then asked if he received the fine for skipping confinement during the state of alarm for going out to play sports, he has responded negatively. “I have not received the fine. I try to comply with the law”, has emphasized.

Having said this, Rajoy has indicated that “those things”, referring to the processing of that possible sanction, “corresponds to the competent administration” of which he is not part, as he has specified with some irony. “But I have not received a fine,” he stressed.


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