Rajoy says goodbye to the Santa Pola property registry with a meal

Rajoy says goodbye to the Santa Pola property registry with a meal

The ex-president of the Government Mariano Rajoy today collected his things from the office he occupied in the property registry of Santa Pola and has said goodbye to his collaborators, friends and acquaintances with a meal in a well-known restaurant in this Alicante town.

A colleague of Rajoy in the registry of the property number 1 of Santa Pola has explained to Efe that the ex-president has been during the morning picking up his equipment and that he has gone later to the restaurant to eat with notaries and other registrars of the zone.

This employee has reported that Rajoy has said goodbye because, he has explained, his new destination, the mercantile registry of Madrid number 5, located at number 44 Paseo de la Castellana, comes "closer to home."

Rajoy joined the registry of Santa Pola on June 20, only 5 days after resigning his seat in the Congress of Deputies after the motion of censure of the socialist Pedro Sánchez flourished.

The former president had his place in this town of Alicante although for the past 28 years had been on leave and had been occupied temporarily by Francisco Riquelme.

The latter has been, precisely, the person who has organized the farewell meal with several dozen people.

The transfer of Rajoy to Madrid was resolved on September 14 although it was published on the 21st of that month in the Official State Gazette (BOE), while on October 2 it was included in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid.


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