Rajoy: "I am in favor of the bankers. Everyone criticizes them, I do not "| Economy

Rajoy: "I am in favor of the bankers. Everyone criticizes them, I do not "| Economy

Former President of the Government Mariano Rajoy Thursday held a meal in Batiste, a well-known restaurant in Santa Pola, to say goodbye to his collaborators in this town in Alicante where he had a place to register the property. At the meeting, the former president, who on June 1 left La Moncloa after losing a motion of censure presented by the PSOE, said to his acquaintances and friends: "I am in favor of bankers, everyone criticizes; , no, "as you can hear in a recording that this Friday has been published exclusively Cadena SER. His words coincided this Thursday with the sentence of the Supreme Court, that this Friday has been in stand by, in which the high court established It is the bank and not the client who pays the expense of signing the mortgage, which caused sharp falls in the banking stock market.

"I am in favor of the bankers, if there were no bankers, the economy would work very badly. If this was being recorded, I am sure that it does and it will come out, they will give me even in the identity card, "Rajoy continued, amid the laughter of his companions." But at this point in life, one is already what is, "he adds later.

This Friday, in an unusual reaction, Luis María Díez-Picado, president of the Contentious Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court, has opted to stop the pending appeals on the mortgage interests that already had revision date, that is, the high The court is going to rethink its decision and it avoids the new jurisprudence being applied in the meantime.

To the food in Batiste, the former president's favorite restaurant in Santa Pola, attended professionals of its sector and local and provincial offices of the Popular Party. The agape lasted until 7.30 in the afternoon. Upon leaving, Rajoy avoided pronouncing on the current political situation. In fact, since leaving the presidency of his party weeks after losing the motion of censure presented in Congress by the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, has avoided giving political opinions. The first and only interview he did since then he gave it to several students of the SEK International University of Quito (Ecuador).

The march of Rajoy de Santa Pola, of about 31,100 inhabitants, coincides with that of Francisco Riquelme, the registrar who has replaced all these years of leave and who in turn leaves his registry office in Elche to move to Orihuela. The new destination of the former president is the Mercantile Registry of Madrid number 5. transfer to the capital It was resolved on September 14, although it was published on the 21st of that month in the Official State Gazette (BOE). The former leader of the PP had taken possession of his old place in Santa Pola on June 20, days after resigning his deputy seat and being evicted from Government for the motion of censure of the socialist Pedro Sánchez.


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