March 4, 2021

raise wages and promote work-life balance


While Spain is immersed in a stage of political instability not knowing what will happen with the formation of Government and with a stage of economic slowdown, the Adecco Group has asked about 1,800 children between 4 and 16 years to Know your opinion about the situation of our labor market and about our political and social news. The XV Adecco Survey on "What do you want to be when you grow up" reflects that raising wages, favoring work-life balance and creating more jobs are the main economic proposals that Spanish children propose to the Government that can leave in the coming months.

Let's have a government in September or have to go back to the polls on November 10, the children are clear about the tasks that the future executive has to perform in order to make the workers happy and satisfied. 16.7% advise future leaders of our country raise workers' salaries so they are happy. Together with this, 14.6% believe that favoring labor conciliation would make workers satisfied with their Government while for 13.5% creating employment is a good measure for workers to be satisfied. Fighting poverty, improving infrastructure and greater equality between men and women "so that girls are not paid less" are other measures that boys consider important for workers to be happy.

Likewise, by sex, 12.1% of the boys surveyed prefer Pedro Sánchez to be president, while 9.1% want Albert Rivera. After them, 8.5% of the “voters” prefer a figure like their father to lead the country or the TV host Arturo Valls, with 6.9% of the votes. For the last option, 5.6% of respondents prefer to be the presidents themselves.

The girls, meanwhile, are more inclined to give Moncloa's armchair to their parents. This is highlighted by 9.7% of those consulted. Secondly, 6.5% see Pedro Sánchez as the best option and 6.1% of the girls do not consider anyone capable of running Spain. Fourth, Albert Rivera appears as the favorite by the respondents to preside over the government. And in fifth place, and with 4.7% of the votes, they see Rafa Nadal as the best candidate to govern.

Millionaire Salaries

On the other hand, Adecco wanted to know how much money they would want to earn when they already work. Thus, 27% of respondents want to have a millionaire amount as salary, while 17.5% want an average salary of between 1,000 and 2,000 euros per month. As a third option, with 12.7% of the votes, I would be satisfied with a salary of between 2,000 and 5,000 euros per month. Finally, 9.5% is satisfied with a salary of less than 500 euros.

Along these same lines, when asked about how many months of vacation they think they should have in the future, most children bet on having More than a month of vacation. Thus, 39.1% of children consider that the ideal is to have between 2 and 6 months of vacation. "Ideally, work in autumn and winter and rest in spring and summer," replied one respondent. With 18.8% prefer to have less than 15 days to rest or one to two months. However, some respondents have preferred to answer that they would rather have "more than one year of vacation."

Before that, however, young people must face a job interview. To do this, taking into account the tips that experts give to get a job After a personal interview, 35.9% of voters would highlight the characteristics that make up their personality. Subsequently, 20.8% would talk about the competencies or abilities they show and 13.5% of the attitudes they will adopt towards work. On the other hand, 8.3% acknowledge that they do not know what to talk about in these interviews.

But what kind of company would you like to work in? As well, 12.5% ​​of the boys would like to work in a public body as a first option, such as police stations, some ministries and town halls or in some courts, there are even those who want to work in the Supreme Court. Then, 10.9% would prefer companies related to the world of sport and 9.4% choose a multinational company dedicated to consulting. The girls, however, with 23.3% of the support, choose as the first option to work in a company in the workplace, followed, with 10.4% and companies linked to cosmetics and beauty.

If asked about what products they would sell if they had to start their own business, 28.1% of the boys choose to start a business that has to do with the sport. However, the girls would first set up a fashion company, thus manifested by one in four.

Help others or earn money

And what does it take to choose a job or another? For children, the vital purpose when choosing work is to be able to help others. This idea is supported by 45.6% of boys, while most girls believe that the purpose of choosing a profession is to earn money, with 40.6% of the support. Helping others, in the case of girls, stands as the second purpose, with 34.4% of the votes.

One more year, most of them, 28.1%, would like to have a profession linked to sports followed by those who would bet on a career within law enforcement and national security, with 15.6%. They, however, prefer professions linked to teaching and training, chosen by 18.8% of those consulted, followed by professions that have to do with the artistic world.

More specifically, and how it is happening in the last years of this survey, the boys want to be soccer players, this is stated by one in four, followed a long distance from the police profession, with 15.6% and that of a professor with 12.5%. For their part, girls still prefer to be teachers, as stated by one in five respondents, followed by the profession of doctor, with 16.7% and that of hairdresser, with 12.1% of the votes.

Conversely, The profession that least attracts the young people surveyed is the dump since 11.8% of voters do not want to be. This is followed by others such as a doctor, firefighter, hairdresser, writer or bricklayer.

The survey also looks at who you would like your boss to be. Thus, for the boys, the ideal leader is the Argentine soccer player Barcelona Leo Messi. This year, Cristiano Ronaldo, after leaving Real Madrid, loses positions in the ranking. For girls there is also a new boss. The Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña ceases to be the fourth option for girls and goes on to occupy the first place when she is chosen by 12.1% of the respondents.

And when do they retire?

Looking to retirement, the boys choose to rest first (18.2%). After her, the best prospect for the future is to spend time with the family taking care of the grandchildren, traveling or dedicating themselves to household chores. In addition, 6.1% would take advantage of retirement to pursue another profession.

Girls, on the other hand, prefer to spend retirement with the family, as this is decided by one in four. Then, 18.8% choose to know the world, 14.7% to rest and, 10.4% to spend their time in solidarity actions such as collaborating with NGOs and participating in volunteering.

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