Rain floods the shelter for animals affected by the La Palma volcano

The shelter for animals affected by the La Palma volcano, located in the IES Eusebio Barreto of Los Llanos de Aridane, has been affected by waterspout fell this Friday which, mixed with the ash, clogged the drains and caused the enclosure in which the tent where the rescued animals are given veterinary care to be flooded.

César Bravo, member of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Veterinary College and coordinator of the Volunteer Veterinarians, has requested the General Directorate of Security and Emergencies to search for a new location or facilities where the animals housed are not in danger.

“At dawn on Friday, the protector that manages the center, Benawara, called on volunteers and firefighters to drain the water from the facility and this morning the veterinarians had to dismantle the veterinary care tent and reassemble it outside the confluence of the two roofs of the IES that, in case of rain, could be destroyed by the weight of the water and the ash “, explained César Bravo.

“They are facilities with failures in the water drainage in case of rain and the ashes accumulated on the roof have complicated it even more,” added Bravo, who thanked the support provided by the social volunteers, firefighters, etc., “who attended as soon as help was requested to bail water and protect the animals “.

At the moment, together with the six volunteer veterinarians from La Palma who are taking care of the animals, rescuing them or providing supplies, there is a veterinarian from Gran Canaria and five from Tenerife. Veterinarians come and go from both schools who voluntarily help in this crisis and spend as long as possible.


Since the volcanic crisis began, attention has been paid to almost 3,500 animals of all kinds; from livestock to pets, small animals, reptiles, exotic birds, among others, but the activity is not limited solely to rescuing animals, since in fact this is an activity that has been decreasing over time.

“There were and are animals in the exclusion zones that must be fed daily because they cannot be transferred. This is the case of the colonies of cats that, even though they have owners, live freely in rural areas. It is true that in La Palma We do not have facilities for all of them, but they are also animals that will hardly adapt to living locked up, “said César Bravo.

One of the current problems is precisely controlling the feeding of these animals. In fact, 173 aid stations have already been carried out. In this sense, the veterinarians have lent themselves to coordinate all the provisioning actions, have presented a project to the Advanced Command Post (PMA), which has accepted the proposal, and next week meetings will be held with all those involved to coordinate the provisioning of the animals that are in the exclusion zone, have the feeding points geolocated, improve the system of feeders and drinkers, carry out a census with the animals that use this food thanks to the installation of cameras and organize rescues necessary to evacuate animals when necessary.

With regard to rescues, 82 traps have been carried out since the volcanic crisis and are still being carried out, but to a lesser extent. The patrols continue to visit the north and south areas of the wash in case non-localized animals appear and, in this sense, a great effort is being made to rescue nine dogs that are in the south wash. They are going to try to control their provisioning to be able to capture them by means of traps and remove them from the area.


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