Rain and nerves at the start of the EBAU in Spain: "We are going to give it our all"

Dozens of students rush the last minutes to review before starting the EBAU exams.

Dozens of students rush the last minutes to review before starting the EBAU exams.
Israel Sanchez

45 minutes from first exam of the university entrance exams in Spain, the Ebau, the rain made an appearance on the campus of Espinardo de la University of Murcia with dozens of students forming small groups at the entrance of the North Lecture Hall. The Region of Murcia captures the attention of the rest of the country for being the first community to examine these tests that this year brings together just over 7,200 students and that promises to maintain high competitiveness among applicants as it happened last year.

"Now that we have just parked, you get nervous," a father pointed out to his two daughters, students at a high school. Murcia. The usual trend, and also among the teachers who have accompanied their students to the venues where they are going to be examined, first of all Spanish Language and Literature and later in History of Spain, they are the nerves, some nerves that yesterday seemed not to make an appearance on the last day of study but that now "surface a little", remarked Iván, another student from Murcia.

"They told you 0.2, right?", a teacher points out to his student before guiding him, by forced marches, to his classroom. The organization of these tests has been special for another year due to the coronavirus and the measures are reflected in the entrances and accesses to the classrooms. The distance in many classes marks much more than the required meter and a half and the doors will be open to achieve natural ventilation.

This year they are 15 locations in eight municipalities those chosen for the students from 170 institutes to be examined, and on this first day they will do so from the general phase. Those who have not been able to attend the EBAU due to being in close contact with a positive or have been infected, will have the opportunity within 15 days to make a special call for these cases.

The flexibility of these tests, as last year, allows students to obtain the highest grade so that the circumstances of this course, with a blended teaching model where 50% of the students gave classes electronically every day, not affect them when it is achievedr the best cut-off mark to access a higher study.

This is the key that will mark the qualifications of this EBAU, since the second-year professors of high school point out that the concern among students resides in how their academic record will finally be in order to enter, for example, a university degree. "Seeing how the cut-off grades rose last year after the EBAU changes, they fear that the competition will be high and they will not reach a good average," explains a 2nd year high school teacher.

The start of the tests has been marked by normality except for small traffic jams, not as much as other years without pandemic on the Espinardo campus, at the entrances to the classrooms and exam sites.

720 Lorca are examined by the EBAU

In Lorca, the EBAU exams are carried out in different classrooms of the José Ibáñez Martín Secondary Education Institute, in the auditorium of the Francisco Ros Giner and in the Lorca University Campus.

350 students take the university entrance exam at these two secondary schools, while at university facilities University of Lorca They will face the 370 exams. The current pandemic situation has forced the distances to be extended and that in each class around 15 or 20 students take the tests. The 720 Lorca who are examined by the EBAU will continue the tests until Thursday.


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