March 2, 2021

Rahm and Wood, two "tigers" together in Augusta

Rahm and Wood, two "tigers" together in Augusta

Not so long ago, in 2015, when Jon Rahm was only a promise, but not just any, since he was number one amateur, he said: «I want to be a Seve, a Tiger … The best». And against Tiger, three years later, on a stage like the Ryder Cup, he achieved one of the victories he remembers most. Already before the promise had come true. And right next to Tiger will do the 18 holes in the first two days of the Augusta Masters, the first "major" of the year in which the boy born in Barrica (Vizcaya) will look for the maximum in his third participation.

Last year he was fourth, with title options until the last moment. "It is a field in which you can fail, do not hit it perfect and win," analyzes the Spanish, in words to Efe. "What many people will not know about last year is that I hit four balls in the water, and the previous year also enough. There are no balls of mine in the lakes of Augusta, "he adds. When things like that happened to him, it historically exploded. "I hate losing," Rahm has claimed since he was a boy. And maybe that's why he has arrived where he is. But also for that, or for what derived from that (lost the papers, went crazy, behaved inadequately) has had to apologize and thank those who continued to see in him the golfer he is now. Famous is the story, for example, in which they almost kicked him out of the US Open amateur because he took the computer to watch an Athletic football match, corresponding to the Spanish Super Cup. Passion goes on and it is imperative, but more focused can lead to an even better result, because talent is left over. If Rahm fights for the fire inside to be under control, Tiger Woods fights for rebirth. This has been the case in recent years. After being considered the best or one of the best golfers in history and having fallen to hell, he has managed to recover a high level and an iron mentality. "I feel like I can win and I have shown that I can do it. I have worked to be one of the players who win tournaments, "he explained in Augusta. The last course already touched the British Open, and being that way the rivals do not hesitate to point him out as one of the favorites, although the last "major" that he conquered was in the US, in 2008. "After winning my fourteenth" major ", I felt that I still had many more to lift, but unfortunately I did not. I hope to achieve this year, "explains the American. His record of 14 is the second highest ever, only surpassed by Jack Nicklaus 18. At age 43, Tiger has time, what happens is that he came as a locomotive until injuries and personal problems slowed him down. "The Masters is on my radar since October or November," he announced in February. In 1997 he became the youngest winner of one of the four major tournaments, at 21 years old. He would repeat in 2001, 2002 and 2005.At the age of Jon Rahm (24), Woods already had five "majors", and at least one of each, since in 1999 and 2000 he won the PGA and in 2000 he also won the Open of USA and the British Open. That is why Spanish wants to "be" like him. Sergio García, Cabrera Bello and Olazabal also participate. But the attention the first two days, in which rain is expected, will focus on Rahm and Woods. Where the crowd is, there they will be.


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