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Rafael Rubio Luján (Murcia, 1979), -Rafaelillo in the bullfighting posters-, tells the details of his slow recovery after the very serious fuck he suffered at the Pamplona fair at the hands of a miura and it seems that a war veteran speaks. He recognizes that he has been able to lose his life, and assumes his drama with the stoicism of a hero. And it doesn't produce pity, but respect and admiration. Rafaelillo is a bullfighter. Nothing less…

The event occurred on July 14, in the last run of the Sanfermines, in which bulls of the legendary livestock of Miura were fought. The quarter of the afternoon, 'Trapajoso', of 570 kilos of weight, impressive picture and feline look, came to the call of the bullfighter, but he did not look for the red crutch but the body often of the man, kneeling near the boards and diminished in His short stature. He stamped it against the barrier with an enormous force, and then he cornered it with viciousness.

The medical part was then shocking. Almost two months later, on September 10, the last CT scan has seven fractured ribs in the left grill, pleural effusion, bruises in the liver ... and a bruised body to the soul that still only allows a sedentary life.

The recovery is slow, he hopes that before the end of the year he can take the cape and the crutch again and, meanwhile, endure patiently, reflect on his future, live happy moments, enjoy his family ...

On July 14, in Pamplona, ​​he suffered one of the creepiest catches of the year

“You have to get used to the pain and overcome it, yes,” says Rafaelillo. “It's been days since I left the morphine patches and the discomfort has returned. Sometimes, I can't sleep and I wander around my house. But my only concern is to heal myself, to recover the man. ”

“I am living very hard moments, although I must admit that I have appreciated the love of many people, bull people, fans and anonymous people. I have felt very dear, and that is very beautiful, of the most exciting thing that can happen to a human being. The profession is stages, but what remains is the person and I would like to leave a mark as such and not just as a bullfighter. ”

“In addition, I have always said that the important thing is not what I could get as a bullfighter,” he continues, “but that I have he has been able to overcome difficult moments before the hard runs that I have to deal with. Everyone has their destiny in this life. ”

Rafaelillo, along with Angel Hidalgo, chief surgeon of the Plaza de Pamplona.

Rafaelillo, along with Angel Hidalgo, chief surgeon of the Plaza de Pamplona.

Rafaelillo says that he has seen the stunning images of the tremendous fuck of Pamplona. And relive them like that.

“I was very committed to the afternoon. I remember the first bull, one of the greatest of my career; so much that it looked like a dinosaur, with which I demonstrated my ability and experience. The second was my last cartridge, and I went out to give it my all. I knelt down, cited him to give him a chest pass, but the animal changed the trip at the last moment and stamped me against the boards. Then, I grabbed the right python, noticed how it crushed me against the wood, my ribs creaked and I thought it had burst inside me. ”

A desperate scream in the alley was the conclusive proof of the extreme gravity of the outrage.

“I have lost the season, but I am alive”

“I was drowning and I thought I didn't get to the infirmary alive. Once in it, I placed myself on the knees and hands, the dog's posture, because I could not stand on my back. "Doctor, do something," I begged the doctors. I understood that I had it, I was very fat, and I didn't know what could happen with my life. It was then that I kissed the Cruz de Caravaca, to which I have much affection, and asked to speak with my wife and my daughters to say goodbye to them ”.

The doctors did not agree to Rafaelillo's request, they cut off his shirt, saw the lump on the left side of his chest and decided to operate right there.

The intervention was long and complicated; and the spooky medical part: seven broken ribs on the left side, five on the right, several fractured vertebrae, a subcutaneous emphysema, hepatic focal lesions compatible with hemangiomas, a left pneumothorax that occupies approximately 50% of the rib cage; another right that occupies a third of the rib cage, polyconfusions, a great trauma ...

“I have lost a year, but I am alive. It could have been worse. Two days after the accident I could blow out the candle that my wife brought me to the UVI to celebrate my 40th birthday; So now I have two dates that remind me of my birth: July 14 and 16. Let's think positive. Life has offered me another opportunity. ”

- But you are a benchmark of hard runs ...

- My profession has given me nothing. Almost every year I must start from scratch. The system that governs bullfighting has not made it easy for me. There are places that have not respected my triumphs. I hope that in the future I can reap the fruit of my effort.

- When he arrived in Pamplona he had fought five runs. How many had signed?

- Nor is it that I had many. Firm, Dax, only Dax. There were festivals celebrated, but none closed. That's why I went out to play my life in that bull. But I have much to say as a bullfighter; I have that very clear.

Rafaelillo assures that this fuck has changed him to the way of thinking. At the moment, he has broken professional relations with Lionel Buisson, his agent during the last seven years, and intends to start 2020 with a different approach. He wants to stop suffering as much as he has in recent times. "I am a bullfighter, an artist," he emphasizes, "and when a bull has allowed me to, I have shown that I know how to fight."

While that time comes he is focused on his slow and positive recovery, and enjoys family company, along with his wife Felicidad, (“but we call her Aky, with k”), and her daughters Claudia and Valeria, 8 and 7 years old , his parents, his brother and "the real friends who are when things don't go well."

And he receives surprises as pleasant as the toast that his friend Paco Ureña made at the last fair in Murcia, at which time the square took the opportunity to dedicate him a unanimous ovation, or the return to the ring he gave Antonio Ferrera (“my brother”) to next day.

But he still has seven broken ribs, and the emotion took its toll. “The next day I could not move; It was the hangover of happiness. ”

Insists, however, the bullfighter who has not yet said the last word. He hopes that before Christmas arrives he can resume the bullfighting tackle and start what he wants a new road to be. For now, you should wait for the result of the next TAC, at the end of October, and the doctors' council.

"My career is not being especially easy," he ends. “There have been very hard times, but I am convinced that the future will bring me the joys that I have earned. You have to be positive ... "

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