Rafael Santandreu, Sonsoles Onega and Julio Llamazares, at the Book Fair

The literary event, which will be dedicated to the figure of Tomás Morales and will be inaugurated by Christian Gálvez with his work Hannah, has five spaces to reach audiences of all ages and tastes, including a space for outstanding books by authors unknown, in addition to the Continuous Session for island literature, the Youth and Children’s Space.

General literature stands as the main axis of the programming presented yesterday by the head of the Las Palmas Booksellers Association, Carolina Sánchez, the Councilor for Culture of the capital of Gran Canaria, Encarna Galván, the Director of Equality of the Government of the Canary Islands, Víctor Ramírez, and the Head of Culture of Casa África, Juan Martínez, who went through the preparations that are already being made in the Santa Catalina Park and the Elder Museum to welcome the public with all the necessary sanitary measures so that they enjoy a safe meeting in which they can also enjoy the Rainbow and African Letters cycles.

The organization thanked the capital city council, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Canarian government for their involvement, given that their redoubled efforts have made it possible to promote programming, especially for children and young people, to pay for airplanes, hotels, and to facilitate their presence in the library for booksellers. fair, since they will not have to finance the tents, but now have free access to the spaces, among other improvements.

Confinement turned out to be a prolific period for literary production, both in quantity and quality, which translates into an offer in which each person will surely find the work to their liking.

Rafael Santandreu. | ÁLVARO MONGE

In addition, the book and medicine sectors are the only ones with regulated prices in Spain, whose regulations exclude book fairs and Book Day, at which time bookstores are allowed to offer a 10% discount, so the The appointment that starts on Thursday will be the opportunity to stock up on the best literature at a better price.

The pandemic has overturned Spanish Healthcare, has put it in the spotlight and it has brought out its strengths, its weaknesses, its urgent needs, its capacity for organization and reorganization and its essential role for society. All this is the object of the book La Sanidad en llamas by Miguel Ángel Martínez and Julio Martínez, who will be in charge of opening the first afternoon of presentations of the General Literature space on Thursday 7 at 5:00 p.m.

They will be followed by Christian Gálvez, who will open the literary meeting in the morning and in the afternoon at 6:00 p.m. he will present his Hannah, in which a young woman immerses herself in the story of her grandmother, a survivor of World War II who lived an odyssey in occupied Italy. the Nazis. Gálvez offers a portrait of Florence’s past and present, the scene of barbarism and the cradle of art and culture lovers who tried to find light in a period of darkness. It is not only a vital and passionate story with a frenetic pace, but a warning in this present full of uncertainties.

Confinement turned out to be a prolific period for literary production


Carlos González Sosa and Valbanera, the cursed ship, Maite Uceda with The Guardian of the Tides will star on Friday afternoon, while on Saturday, which will have an intensive session in the morning and afternoon, it will start with Victor Ávalo de la Rosa, author of the book that appeared in the Hierro series, who will present his work La ternura del Canival.

The main course of the morning will come with the psychologist Rafael Santandreu, author of The art of not making your life bitter, Nothing is so terrible or Being happy in Alaska. On this occasion, she travels to Gran Canaria to present her work Without fear with the proven method to overcome anxiety, obsessions, hypochondria and any irrational fear that anyone can put into practice to become the best version of herself: free.

Julio Llamazares. | | efe

The 2020 Gijón Prize, Antonio Fontana, from Malaga, will present his work So far we have arrived, in which he makes an unusual and fun interpretation of old age, which will be followed by a thousand forbidden kisses by Sonsoles Onega, a book with characters made of contradictions and repressed drives that forge a current, agile and passionate product of a chance encounter that revives an old love that forces the protagonists to choose between resigning themselves or letting go.

Manual for red days, those that change the mood and face of any person, is the proposal to face the days of infatuation that will take the public on Sunday Paula Ramos, the revelation writer of the romantic novel in a day in the that will also have a place for football by the hand of Toni Cruz and his Tales of a fan.

His presentation will give way to another highlight of the day, Los besos, the last work of Manuel Vilas, who introduces Salvador, a teacher who leaves Madrid for medical prescription, moves to a cabin in the mountains and meets a passionate woman fifteen years younger. Their encounters are a bath of light and a thousand forbidden kisses.

Monday will be an afternoon shift day that will start from the hand of Elsa López with The country of my fan, which will be followed by Julio Llamazares with his Extremadura Spring, in which he portrays a season as beautiful as it is cruel, the one in which he spent confinement in the middle of the Extremadura countryside.

Alonso Caparrós will star in Tuesday’s presentation at noon with A Piece of Blue Sky, a book in which he is honest with himself and with the rest, memories full of secrets, remorse and hope every time he has become a man capable of control his worst enemy: himself.

The closure of the General Literature Space will have María Oruña, the best-selling writer in Spain, with her work What the tide hides, her most ambitious thriller with the appearance of the corpse of the most powerful woman in Santander in the cabin behind closed doors of a schooner that sailed with select guests from the world of the tennis. Elegant and addictive to read, it will lead the public into a case with shades of impossible resolution.


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