August 6, 2020

Rafa Nadal: "The academy is expanded by the name of Nadal, but not by a good relationship with anyone" – La Provincia

With 33 years, 19 Grand Slams and on top of world tennis, a prolific year ends in which Rafael Nadal He has found his best version in sports, in which he has given the 'yes I want' with Xisca Perelló, his life partner, and in which he has ended up responding to the criticism of the mayor from your location, Manacor. Visibly hurt and upset, be honest and respond to the accusations that have made him explode in an interview with Diario de Mallorca.

– In recent weeks he has starred in an extra-sports controversy by answering through an open letter to the mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver.
– I understand that the controversy does not come from the letter, another thing is that then everything gets bigger. The controversy, which unfortunately exists, is for a continued fact after the mayor of Manacor gives an interview to a national media. I had already given others before, but it is the latter that makes me write the letter that I send to two local media.

– And considering the repercussion when answering some statements that had not had major importance, do you not regret it?
– No, no, I can't regret the letter. Not much less. That his statements would not have been more important? It's possible. But when you are the mayor of a town like Manacor it is not right to confuse people and attack a person for attacking them, without any foundation. Then he says it's not against me, but it's not true.

– What leads you to write it?
– If I do it, it is because they say things that are serious. And not everyone says them, says the mayor of Manacor, which is my city. I have no desire to create a controversy and less in Manacor, which is where I live. I've only had to answer twice in my life. The other was when I responded to the French minister who accused me of doping and that I had no choice but to report. As mayor you cannot give false information. Do you understand it or not? There are things that hurt and more when they are in your house. When he says that I have not paid the IBI lies. The day he gives the interview, I know what day they do it because they also call me, the IBI and the garbage tax is paid and the proof is that I don't pay a surcharge. I have complied at all times.

– The mayor says that the relationship with you is good, if you have a problem with your environment.
– It is very easy to want to distort reality. With what environment? The academy? The Academy is me and three hundred workers. Maybe he wants to run away from having a confrontation with me because he thinks it doesn't suit him for whatever reason, but it's not right.

– He denies the accusation of "favor treatment" in changing the law to expand his academy, but he admits "feeling privileged."
– The reform allowed by the academy was not approved by a single party with which you can be related, but supported by four parties: El Pi, Ciudadanos, PSOE and PP. We can and Més vote against and there is no problem, I respect it, as I respect that Miquel Oliver does not like this project, but the law was democratically approved and I have complied with everything I was asked to do. I have done the academy with the best of my intentions, this is not an urban ball with which I am getting rich. Here I have invested an important part of my heritage and it is not made in Madrid, nor in London, nor in New York, nor in Madrid or Barcelona. An investment of this caliber in Manacor is a great risk. There are 300 workers here and many more people are indirectly employed. It is an attraction for Manacor. Miquel Oliver only values ​​the negative.

– Do you think the project would have been facilitated if it were not because the name of Rafel Nadal is behind?
– I understand the question and of course not. Obviously it is because it is named after Rafel Nadal, but not because it has a good relationship with someone, but because they believe that there is a sports center with the name of Rafel Nadal enriches the islands. And I want it to be clear: there are no places here, only a tourist license is given, which does not mean that you have a hotel. Here there is no hotel, but a sports residence for tourist use, here we do not promote ourselves as sun and beach, but as a sports residence.

– Més, the mayor's party, in addition to that amendment also questioned the extension of his mooring. Do you think he was treated like any other member of the Nautical Club of Porto Cristo?
– This is what shows what intentions there are. It is important to clarify things, his environment took him out and unfortunately I think not correctly, I am sincere. I was presented with the opportunity to have a new boat and I asked the Yacht Club if it was possible. I was told that a report was needed and that it was worth, and I say take, here you are for the report. The Yacht Club, for which it is beneficial that I have the mooring, let's speak clearly, makes the request to Ports and Ports gives permission. What I pay doesn't matter. What is striking is that the mayor and his party ask to find out if there is a favor deal. And it is curious, because if you want to find out, you do not have to say it, just do the inquiries and if you find something, you report it.

– There are those who attribute the criticisms of Oliver and Més that he is an independentist and you always claim to be Spanish.
– Be careful, that beyond this last case, I have not referred to your party. In fact I have nothing against the mayor or against Més. Let's be clear, I am not independentist, because I am not. I am Mallorcan, Manacorí and Balearic, and I feel like the one I show the most and I show it, I think that I practice manacorinity. I would never criticize the mayor for being independentista. I have a lifelong friend of mine who is a councilor of Més in the town hall and I am happy for him. Hurt by
hurting is what I criticize.

– The PP launched the #YoconRafa campaign in support. Do you think this controversy has been taken advantage of politically?
– Everything is political. I neither need nor have any illusion that a campaign is being carried out to support me, but when the mayor says that he does not like to have been politicized from the right, it is very good, but who has opened the issue and politicized it has been him. I don't think the image of Manacor has to be this.

– You have always said that you would not understand Spain without Catalonia. Where do you think the solution to the current situation happens?
– Not only would I not understand it, but I would not like it. And I don't know, I don't know what the solution is. I have traveled all over the world and I think we are in a country where there are things to improve but we are privileged. What I know most is the confrontation. The discourse of our leaders, on one side and the other, are too aggressive and radicalize society.

– Have you gone to vote in the three elections this year?
– In all I voted by mail.

– Do you see yourself voting for the third time in a year in generals?
– If you have to vote again, I will vote again; but I believe that if a government is not achieved, it will be time to make changes in the way in which the government is formed because we cannot be in a eternum in this way.


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