July 28, 2021

Rafa Nadal: "Thank God I never feel unbeatable, it will be arrogant" – La Provincia

Manacorí tennis player Rafa Nadal has reviewed the news of his sports career in an interview with Diario de Mallorca where he reviews the past, present and future of his career.

– With 33 years he has completed one of the best seasons of his career. How long do you see yourself playing?
– I do not know. It cannot be foreseen. I see myself playing until the head gives me to be able to maintain the passion for what I do. It is also true that I think it is easier for the head to stay with the illusion if the body responds to you. If the body does not let you compete in freedom because you have more pain from the bill, it is the law of life and things need to end.

– With 19 Grand Slam titles and 84 titles in your record, what motivates you to follow? Djokovic did not hide that what moves him the most is to finish as the tennis player with the most Grand Slam. You too?
– Today we are in the situation we are. Federer is 20, I 19 and Djokovic 16. I would like to end up as the one with the most titles, but it is not an obsession. I tried to make my way to give me options to compete as long as possible. Healthy ambition is good, excessive is bad, like everything else in life, because it can cause frustration, envy and unhappiness. I have in mind that I am a great lucky. If they end up with more titles it will be because they will have been better. You can't get frustrated because the neighbor has a house bigger than yours or a cell phone better than yours. I am satisfied because I have strived to achieve what I have achieved.

– The first major is Australia, where he has won once and has lost four finals. Do you have a thorn stuck with this tournament?
– I'm not much of having thorns stuck. Things happen and happen. They tell me that Australia owes me one. The sport owes nothing to anyone. In Australia it is true that for one reason or another I have only won one. I have not had luck because I have been injured more times than in the other tournaments. Last year I was injured against Cilic, another against David Ferrer, in the final against Wawrinka, against Murray. I have easily missed six Australian Open due to injury.

– Does the pain hold up worse now than at 19?
– What happens is that with 33 I have more pain than with 20 (laughs).

-He has only lost two games at Roland Garros. Have you ever felt invincible in the land of Paris?
– I don't feel unbeatable thanks to God, never. It's an arrogant feeling, and I've never had a feeling like this. Besides not feeling unbeatable is that I have not been.

– Receive few reviews.
– Yes there is. If they are from an objective point of view and with respect I accept them without problems. But if they are to hurt, no. Have you ever told me that I am finished and it has not bothered me because I also had this doubt. It is totally lawful for the journalist who writes it to say so. But if the criticism is a lie, I think it is a journalist's wrong job without thinking about the damage that can be done.

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