Rafa Nadal, Carolina Marín, Leo Messi and the Gasol Foundation, 2020 sports values ​​awards

The year 2020, which ends today, has been marked by the tragic coronavirus pandemic that has changed, forever, our lives. A year in which values ​​such as solidarity, effort, discipline or the ability to excel are more necessary than ever. And more commendable. And those values ​​are precisely those that reward Iberian Press and his sports diary Sport in the third edition of the Sport Values ​​Gala. A wide jury, headed by the director of Sport, Albert saez; the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alexander White, and the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has decided to award the Values ​​of Sports 2020 awards to Rafael Nadal, as a male athlete; Carolina Marin, as a female athlete, and Leo Messi, as an international athlete.

Nadal, according to the jury minutes, “exemplifies the capacity for sacrifice throughout his career “, at the same time that he has always transmitted” the values ​​of sportsmanship in all his appearances “. For his part, Carolina Marín has been awarded the award for “her fight against depression and get back to being number one in the world. “Finally, Messi (who has just turned 20 at Barça, in a rare display of loyalty), “has made it possible with his donations the construction of the largest pediatric cancer center dthe world at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital “.

In this third edition of the Sports Values ​​awards, the work of the Foundation of the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol in the fight against childhood obesity through different food awareness programs for children. Very special is the award that the jury has awarded to the former player and former coach of Barça Juan Carlos Unzué, for his brave battle against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and his campaign to give visibility to this disease, which was diagnosed a few months ago.

The award for the sporting gesture of the year could not be for other than the triathlete Diego Méntrida: The images of the Madrilenian in the Santander Triathlon, braking before crossing the finish line to let the British James Teagle pass, whose confusion at the end of the race had made him lose third place, went around the world and even went awarded by the UN.

The jury has also decided to award the award Leyen Valuesgives the former Barça player Xavi Hernandez, currently serving as a coach for Al-Sadd in Qatar. The jury has especially valued Xavi’s example in promoting fair play throughout his career, including in his sporting confrontations with Real Madrid.

The Values ​​Award to the Coach has fallen on a myth of the benches as Aíto García Reneses. The current Alba Berlin coach has spent half a century passionately practicing his work as a coach and at 74 he maintains the same competitive and pedagogical spirit as always.

The Values ​​Award for the Sports Event has gone to the three major cycling rounds: the Lap, Giro and Tour. In such a complicated year for the organization of a high-level sports competition, cycling has managed to adapt to the pandemic and ensure that Vuelta, Giro and Tour have been contested, despite having had to modify their different calendars.

Finally, Valencia Basket has been awarded the Club Values ​​Award for his tireless work in promoting basketball among the youngest and his total support for the fans that follow the team.

In total, 10 top-level awards in this third edition of the Gala Values ​​of Sport and Iberian Press. The awards ceremony will take place next Tuesday, January 5, and can be followed, in a different format than usual, conditioned by the health measures derived from the pandemic, through the Gol television channel, starting at 9:00 p.m. The journalist Olga Viza will be in charge of acting as master of ceremonies so that all the laureates receive the commemorative sculpture.

With this third edition, the Sports Values ​​Awards Gala comes of age. Despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus, Sport and Prensa Ibérica have considered that this year, more than ever, it was essential to maintain these awards and all the necessary logistical efforts have been made so that their realization is possible and the 10 winners receive their award.

The Values ​​Award Gala had already recognized, in its previous editions, to athletes of the level of Carlos Sainz, Lydia Valentín, Gemma Mengual or Toni Nadal in 2018 and Javier Fernández, Ana Peleteiro, Robert Moreno or Jorge Sampaoli, in 2019, among others. This third edition of the Gala Premio Valores de Sport y Prensa Ibérica has the collaboration of sponsors such as LaLiga, the Consorci Barcelona Zona Franca, Movistar, Yopro-Danone, Santander and Cupra.

What did you say Javier Moll, president of Prensa Ibérica, at the gala of the second edition, “sport is humanism, it is virtue, it is education, it is coexistence, effort, talent, teamwork, empathy. It is passion and it is also a dream”. And that is precisely what is rewarded.

Awarded Values ​​Gala 2020

Male Athlete Values ​​Award: Rafael Nadal

Female Athlete Values ​​Award: Carolina Marin

International Values ​​Award: Leo Messi

Solidarity Values ​​Award: Gasol Foundation

Sport Event Values ​​Award: Lap / Turn / Tour

Coach Values ​​Award: Aíto García Reneses

Legend Values ​​Award: Xavi Hernandez

Club Values ​​Award: Valencia Basket

Sports Gesture Values ​​Award: Diego Méntrida

Extraordinary Values ​​Award: Juan Carlos Unzué


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