June 15, 2021

Rafa Mora lives his worst afternoon in Telecinco: the audience wants to see him outside of ‘Save me’

The tense confrontation between Rafa Mora Y Anabel Pantoja placeholder image For his controversial comments towards his father, he continues to kick in ‘Save me’. After a survey with three options was opened, the audience has decided by a large majority that the collaborator should be expelled from Telecinco’s afternoon programs.

To be more exact, in the poll with the most votes in the history of ‘Save me’, the option to expel Mora was the most supported with a total of 49%, followed by the expulsion of Anabel Pantoja (35%) and of which neither of them coincided on the same day on set.

Despite the result and the participation record, the survey may not be binding, since David Valdeperas left Rafa Mora’s continuity on the air in the Telecinco afternoon program: “We do tests of what happens in the program. So, Alberto (Díaz) and I (directors of ‘Save me’) what we are going to do is request a meeting with the leadership, put the data on the table and everyone has their opinion, and we will know that decision at the end of this week. ”

This moment came after Rafa Mora also starred in a tense confrontation with Carlota Corredera. While the audience opted for one of these three options, this past Monday, Rafa apologized but has assured that he did not go limp to make fun of Anabel’s father, which has caused the presenter’s anger. “The first thing is that you do not pretend to be fools”, He snapped.

While Carlota tried to speak, Rafa did not stop interrupting until the tension between them jumped through the air. “I have not messed with a person because he has reduced mobility,” defended the gathering, who continued to speak above the presenter. “I’m going to ask you to be a little polite”, she said sharply.

“I’m not going to ask you again to be silent while I speak, because then I’ll ask for the bus to be lowered,” Carlota told Rafa, who replied: “Ask for what you need.” “What I need is for you to listen to me and not challenge me”she noted while insisting that “everyone has seen what happened on Friday.”



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