August 5, 2021

Rafa Mir shines with another goal in sub 21 – La Provincia

Rafa Mir shines with another goal in sub 21 - La Provincia

Rafa Mir it keeps coming out with Spain sub 21. The forward of the UD Las Palmas scored on Thursday the goal of the victory of the team of Luis de La Fuente in Albania (0-1), in a qualifying match for the European Championship that is already closed for the national team, with a ticket from before the summer. And Mir continues to make a hole based on goals. In the Selman Stermazi of Tirana he scored the third in his three matches with the national team. Three of three. And that he has not been a starter in any of the meetings. Sum just 73 minutes that has squeezed to the maximum.

In his debut on September 6 against Albania itself entered the 75th minute by Borja Mayoral, Levante, and scored in 92, closing the 3-0 win. Five days later, in the official match against Northern Ireland, Fabián Ruiz, from Napoli, came out in the 50th minute and scored the 1-2 in the 92 that again closed the clash, this time with defeat. And this Thursday was the hero when jumping to the grass in the 67th minute, again by Borja Mayoral, and score in the 84th minute to give the victory.

He received a head shipment from Mikel Oyarzábal, star of the Real Sociedad, within the area. In a span of terrain he turned around in the middle of the rival defenses and his cross shot gave in a rival defense, which missed the goalkeeper.

The goal was similar to the second and last one he scored with UD Las Palmas. He was the one who gave the victory against Málaga, when he anticipated a loose ball after a throw-in and defined cross-throw. The first had been on the third day to head off a side fault launched by Tana, which meant the draw in the difficult field of Zaragoza. Two goals for four points.

However, Rafa Mir is struggling to perform in the UD at the same level as in the sub 21. It is enough to return to Saturday, when he started against Alcorcón but left in the second half pissed off. "I love that Mir is upset by the change. Tonight I should not sleep. If he sleeps, I get angry. His attitude is always good and he wants to help the team, "he downplayed. Manolo Jiménez at a press conference.

But the certain thing is that Rafa Mir does not finish convincing in the position of end, where more has been used. Meanwhile, both with the sub 21 and in the goals he has scored with the UD has shown that he feels more comfortable within the area. He has assured several times that he feels good playing in a band, where he has also played in other clubs, but it is close to the area where he shows his qualities better.

With Sergio Araujo back and Rubén Castro as a top scorer he will give an enormous competition to the attack. Murcia, which is low for tomorrow in Almeria, is sweet.


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