May 13, 2021

Rafa Macarrón displays his cosmos of artistic influences at the CAC in Malaga

Malaga, Mar 26 (EFE) .- Madrid artist Rafa Macarrón displays his particular cosmos of characters, populated by various artistic influences, in his first solo exhibition in a museum, which opens this Friday at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) from Malaga.

After having received the support of international galleries in recent years, Macarrón has lived as one of the “most important moments” of his life the preparation of this first exhibition in a museum, “at a time as bad as the one we have experienced with the covid “, has affirmed in the presentation.

In these pieces created expressly for the exhibition, he has chosen to dispense with color in works in which he has “played to merge the space with the figure”, with the aim that the painting “function almost like a sculpture”.

In addition to these paintings, his large bronze sculptures, with which the viewer can interact, and which represent dogs, attract attention.

“One of the good times of the day for me is the walk with the dog, going to the field, watching the sunset or sunrise, because it is the time to analyze the day. The look of a dog transmits a lot to me,” explained Macarrón.

Among the many influences observed in his creations, that of Picasso stands out, which Macarrón admits, because the artist from Malaga has been present in him since his childhood.

“On a trip to Paris when I was 4 or 5 years old, I entered the Picasso Museum, and then I started drawing like crazy. They also took me to Montparnasse, and when I saw those ladies they seduced me and I started painting those nails” , the artist explained.

Indeed, the hands are one of the elements that take more prominence in his characters, because Macarrón maintains that “where the human being has the most expression is in the eyes and hands”, and when he manages to paint a hand “expressively” he “seduces a lot”.

Regarding the diversity of techniques and materials that he uses, he points out that the common denominator is that “whoever uses, has to be noticed”, and for example points out that with linen he wants to “let the paint breathe and make it transparent”, while he uses paper and pulp “to be able to work with a pencil and pay homage to drawing.”

“The most important thing that has happened in my career is being in a museum with this exhibition. Many fears are lost and it is a challenge,” stressed Macarrón.

For his part, the curator of the exhibition, Fernando Francés, has affirmed that Macarrón is “an internationally recognized artist, who works very well in international markets, and yet the museum agent, that sector of approval, which gives pleasure to an artist must still strive to place where he deserves.

According to Francés, he is “a very confessional autobiographical artist, born into a family in which, since he was a child, he lived with the Spanish art world and that, far from creating a self-taught artist for not going through the faculty, turned him into an artist highly academic, which is not just going through the academy, but knowing the art that has taken us to where we are right now. ”


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