July 25, 2021

Radiolé awards María Jiménez and Remedios Amaya and honors Rocío Jurado | Culture

Radiolé awards María Jiménez and Remedios Amaya and honors Rocío Jurado | Culture

The fourth edition of the Radiolé Awards He has had the name of a woman. The PRISA Group broadcaster recognized the trajectories of the artists María Jiménez and Remedios Amaya and honored Rocío Jurado on 12 years of her death. "It is an honor to receive this award from my land radio, a real satisfaction," Amaya said. "I owe you everything. Thank you very much everyone, "said Jiménez. Along with these three special awards, Radiolé has also awarded Ecos del Rocío, Raya Real, Andy & Lucas and Demarco Flamenco, among others.

The station, which is defined as "the happiest radio in the country", has filled the Seville Conference Center with flamenco, rumba, copla and popular Spanish music. One of the most emotional moments of the gala has been lived during the tribute to Rocío Jurado. "One of the most important voices of all time", assured the presenter of the gala, Joaquín Hurtado. The award in memorian It has been picked up by the artist's little daughter, Gloria Camila Ortega. "It is an honor to collect this award on behalf of my mother. Mom, you deserve it, "he said.

Another of the special moments has starred the singer Ana Reverte, away from the stage for nine years due to illness. "Thanks for remembering that I also exist," said the artist from Seville, who published her album in April of last year. Alone with you. "Thanks to Radiolé for making this music bigger," he added. Along with Reverte, the station has also rewarded another long career as that of Ecos del Rocío, which on November 10th releases its latest work, A new life, with themes by Miguel Moyares. The group received last March the double disc of Diamante, by the sales of more than two million discs throughout its 35 years of musical trajectory. They have also recognized the 25 years they have been in music, both Raya Real and Las Soles, ephemeris that both groups have taken advantage of to publish albums. "Radiolé is the only station that gives us the opportunity to make our music sound in Spain," said Esperanza Lobato, from Las Soles.

Family photo of the winners by Radiolé.
Family photo of the winners by Radiolé.

With more than 25 years on the air and 521,000 listeners, according to the second report of the year of the General Media Study (EGM), Radiolé faces this new course "with more hope than ever". "We are about to relaunch our musical formula by adding important assets of the most classic pop of our catalog. Radiolé will remember songs by artists who currently do not have a radio station in Spain such as Raphael, José Luis Perales, Nino Bravo, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel, Camilo Sexto, Paloma San Basilio, Joan Manuel Serrat and many others. We are working on a total renovation of our sound, conserving the essence that has made us great for over 25 years, "said the station's director, Miguel A. Corral, who considers this fourth edition of the awards" tremendously positive ". "They are consolidated as the reference awards in Spanish popular music, recognizing current and those who also form an important part of the history of our music as Rocío Jurado or María Jiménez, "he said.

Radiolé has also awarded Demarco Flamenco, who last year released his first album, One, which includes your success The island of love "This radio has opted for flamenco, but also for fusion, for the new," he said. The singer has dedicated the prize "to all women who have suffered breast cancer." Andy & Lucas, who have raised the audience with To dance with me from his last album, New life, they have received what is their second award. The list of winners is completed by Los Rebujitos, Marisol Bizcocho and Maki. The gala has featured the performance of Melody, Decai, David Barrull and La Hungarian, among others. With the tickets sold out, the money raised will go to the Diabetes Zero Foundation.

List of winners

The winners of the fourth edition of the Radiolé Awards were Demarco Flamenco, Andy & Lucas, Ana Reverte, Maki, Las Soles, Marisol Bizcocho, Echoes of Rocio, Los Rebujitos and Raya Real. The special prizes went to Remedios Amaya and María Jiménez. Rocío Jurado has also been honored.


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