Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Radio years

This is the week of the Radio and just on the World Radio Day itself, on Thursday, one of its creators, Jorge Arandes, promoter of that unforgettable program “Fantasia” with Federico Gallo, died, but more than for that program I I met his voice through opera broadcasts. To him is due the Radio in blocks today. Radio is well worth a tribute. It is going to be mine something very personal with the intention that provokes in you your own memories through mine.

“I go to my solitudes, from my solitudes I come”, this has been and is the Radio for me, practically since I was a child, when in the fifties I began to enjoy its existence. A voice telling stories, also some children’s songs that now no longer sound, came out of the grid of that big dish. So the children were there, listening, while our mothers prepared dinner, because we didn’t have tablets.

I grew up, the stories disappeared, the radio soap operas arrived and the radio discovered me Paul Anka and the Dynamic Duo. I started to like music and I also discovered my first vinyls. I kept getting bigger physically while Radio dwarfed on the outside, but its contents grew. One day I wrote a contest of the SER in a Sunday program, The Great Musical, commanded by Tomás Martín Blanco and Rafael Revert. We were summoned to a few to interview and the elect were invited to a trip to Parisian Olympia to listen to Los Bravos and Johnny Hallyday.

Another day, at 14 or 15 years and by chance, by doing what we now call zapping, from her came some magical notes, were the initial chords of Beethoven’s “Novena”. I fell in love until the end of that live broadcast with Karajan and the Berliners. My memories then fly to Barcelona, ​​to that wonderful Lyceum from where Juan Lluch transmitted his operas with unforgettable deals contracted by Juan Antonio Pamias with his money.

There are many memories of those retransmissions on whose breaks Dr. Colomer Pujol performed critical analyzes, but just today I have to remember a “Cenerentola”, in 1971, with Teresa Berganza and it is because yesterday we spent the afternoon together at the Croche de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. A dear friend, known from outside music since, as she remembers, I was almost still wearing shorts, but whose musical fame I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for the radio. I heard through it the voices that excited me to travel to listen to them live: Caballe, Nilsson, Bergonzi, Di Stefano … I listened to them and made friends, even with Pamias. Who was going to say it!

And, one more day, they called me to carry out and present some programs on Radio El País on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning, which were later followed by others in the now-disappeared Sinfo-Radio. Pilar Miró liked my radio voice and how I transmitted my hobby to the audience and was commissioned by the Melómanos program on TVE 2, when there were only two channels, in 1988 …

I was getting older and the radio getting smaller. He passed the transistors, the mobiles and reached the clocks. I kept listening to her in the car, when I go alone, when I woke up alone in the mornings and from music I went from Luis del Olmo and “Protagonistas to“ Those who get up early ”by Alsina in Onda Cero or to the“ matches ”of Carlos Herrera.

Yes, the Radio has accompanied many of my solitudes and to her I owe my love for music and news. Thank you very much Radio!


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