Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

“Racist idiots,” Marega responds to fans and referees who have forced him to leave the field

The player left Porto-Vitoria de Guimarales

Marega has left the party between Porto and Vitoria de Guimaraes for racist insults and then has not calmed down. “I would just like to tell these idiots that they come to the stadium to make racist shouts… fuck you. And I also thank the referees for not defending me and for showing me the yellow one by defending the color of my skin. I hope not to see you again on a soccer field again! You are a shame. ”

It was three minutes of great tension. Marega, who had scored 1-2 on Munuto 61, got fed up and decided to leave the pitch, despite the insistence of both his teammates and rivals.

Racist shouts from the stands of the Vitória de Guimarães were answered by Marega – who played the 2016-2017 campaign in this club – with her thumbs down and taking the path of the changing rooms.

For three minutes the players failed to convince the Malian, while the coach Sergio Conceiçao shouted to the public “this is a shame”, at the same time that many fans, aware of the seriousness of the racist insults, began chanting Marega’s name.

The match was face-to-face for the blue and whites in the 10th minute, after a goal from the Brazilian goalkeeper Douglas Jesus.

Another Brazilian, striker Bruno Duarte, signed the boards in 49, although 11 minutes later striker Marega certified the final 1-2.

After Saturday’s defeat of Benfica against Braga, the League is squeezed from above, since the incarnates have 54 points, one more than Porto.


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