Racist cries against the player of the Naples Koulibaly - The Province

Racist cries against the player of the Naples Koulibaly - The Province

The technical staff of the Naples requested several times the interruption of their match on Wednesday against Inter Milan by Racist shouts against his defense Kalidou Koulibaly, who was then expelled, said the coach of the Neapolitans, Carlo Ancelotti.

"We ask three times for the suspension of the match and there were three ads. But the match continued, "Ancelotti told Sky.

Koulibaly was the victim of cries coming from the stands imitating those of a monkey, in various phases of the game. The player was expelled a quarter of an hour from the end to see a second yellow card.

His first warning was for a foul on Matteo Politano and the second for having applauded the referee, when the match was 0-0. Inter then won 1-0 in the final discount, in this match of the 18th round of Serie A Italian.

"The player was nervousHis mood was not the best. He is a very correct player and very professional. It's not something that belongs to him, but he had those screams all the way, "said Ancelotti.

"This seems like an excuse, but the player was agitated, nervous, this is not good for us or for Italian football," he continued.

"There is a solution, you have to interrupt the game, you just have to know from how many announcements, and if you do not know, then next time we will be the ones who will stop it," added the Real Madrid and Bayern Munich coach. .


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