R.Unido awaits new scientific evidence for its de-escalation plan

The British government will not specify for now its strategy to lift the current restrictions that seek to curb the coronavirus pandemic, as it would not be “responsible” without first having new scientific evidence, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said on Wednesday.

The head of diplomacy in the United Kingdom took the place of the Conservative leader, Boris Johnson, during the questioning session with the Prime Minister, who announced today the birth of the baby that his fiancé Carrie Symmonds expected.

It is the second time that Raab has assumed this role in the House of Commons, as last week the head of the British Executive continued to convalesce from COVID-19.

The minister clarified that the Government “cannot” responsibly “give any schedule or reveal details about what will be done from now on to lift social distancing measures, without first having more information from the scientific community .

He did so at the insistence of the new leader of the opposition Labor Party, Keir Starmer, who pressured the Foreign Minister to publish the Executive’s strategy so that the country will recover normalcy.

Starmer stressed that his training “supports” the current restrictions and assured that Labor wants to “support” the Government, although to do so they need to know what their plans are in this regard.

He asked the Executive to be “open with citizens about what is going to be next”, among other things to allow schools or companies “to plan ahead”.

He recalled the comments made by Boris Johnson this week about the “apparent success” that confinement is having in the country and emphasized, on the contrary, that the United Kingdom “is possibly on track to have the worst death rate in Europe”.

Regarding this point, the Foreign Minister affirmed that “it is not at all true”, as the opposition reproached him, that the current situation of the pandemic is “worsening”.

Raab added that it is “too early to make comparisons internationally,” while recalling that much more information about the virus is now available than at the start of the outbreak.

Starmer also demanded explanations for the specific situation that exists in nursing homes, after partial data on those centers were revealed yesterday, where at least 4,343 fatal victims were added to the latest figure of 21,678 deaths in hospitals that is updated every day government.

According to Raab, the Executive has “an extensive plan to double the tests in nursing homes and to improve the way in which personal protective equipment (PPE) is distributed.”

“This is a challenge that we must face and can face in order to make sure that deaths go down (in nursing homes) as we have seen in hospitals and in the country in general,” he concluded.


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