Quite normal in Barajas with specific queues in peaks of greater traffic

Quite normal in Barajas with specific queues in peaks of greater traffic

The third day of indefinite strike of the security guards of Ilunion who work in the security filters of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport is quite normal, although the specific queues are repeated in the access of the previous days during the peaks of higher traffic.

This Sunday, in which many Spaniards are enjoying their Easter holidays, 1,134 air operations are planned at the Madrid airport, between takeoffs and landings, and it is expected that 209,000 passengers will pass through its facilities, between departure and arrival. .

It is a slightly larger volume than Saturday, the day that 1,054 movements of aircraft and 192,000 passengers were counted in Barajas.

The mobilization has been called by the Autonomous Union of Workers of Security Companies of Madrid (ATES) for economic reasons, including the payment of airport bonuses, radioscopy and variables to the entire staff, contractual -like, for example, the modification of all contracts of work and service to indefinite- and social.

The minimum services for this strike are fixed at 90%, with which only 10% of the workers (Ilunion has a total of 700 security guards in the control filters of Barajas) can exercise their right to strike.

On the other hand, sources of the organizing union of the demonstrations, speak of a "chaotic" situation in Barajas on the third day of the strike and long queues of more than an hour of waiting in some control lanes in the peaks of traffic.

As pointed out this Sunday to Efe Jordi Montejo, member of the strike committee of the union, the filters of the T4 terminal have been collapsed this morning, situation that will be repeated throughout the day in the moments of departure of more flights.

Also, he added that, after continuous communication with the company until the start of the protest last Friday, it has not returned to contact the union.


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