QuironSalud serves 13% of patients with Covid-19 hospitalized in Spain – La Provincia

The QuironSalud Group (QS) has attended, in “full coordination” with the health authorities since before the state of alarm, 13 percent of the patients infected with the new coronavirus hospitalized in Spain (15,000 admitted), 3 percent by the weight that corresponds to the number of public and private beds.

Likewise, it has enabled more than 1,400 new beds, of which 900 are for conventional hospitalization, 400 for Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and 140 located in a medicalized hotel. Of all of them, 900 were enabled in Madrid and, of these, 200 were in the ICU.

At the same time, 350 new respirators have been acquired in the group, transfer of equipment between group hospitals and to the public network. Approximately 11,000 hospital discharges have already been given for cured patients, although close to 1,700 patients still remain in QS beds.

Therefore, as reported by the group, they have had 4 or 5 percent of the total number of beds in Spain and have treated 13 percent of the patients with Covid-19, three times more than the weight that would correspond to them by installed capacity .


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