Quiet Christmas Eve in Madrid, with fewer accidents and brawls than in 2017

Quiet Christmas Eve in Madrid, with fewer accidents and brawls than in 2017

This Christmas Eve has gone relatively quietly in the Community of Madrid, where there have been fewer accidents and brawls than in 2017, although the number of fires has increased from 20 to 28, none of them serious.

Specifically, from twelve at night to nine in the morning there have been 116 brawls and 25 traffic accidents, which is 12% and 19% less than in 2017, respectively, as reported to Efe sources of Emergency Community of Madrid 112

A 40-year-old man has been seriously injured when he was stabbed in Alcobendas with a knife for causes investigated by the National Police.

The accidents include a multiple hit in Alcalá de Henares with two seriously injured and three minor, one of them the driver of the vehicle, who lost control of it at the exit of a roundabout and got on the sidewalk.

Traffic violations have fallen by 21% this Christmas Eve in the Community of Madrid: they have been 15. Alcohol poisoning remains at 63, and the number of fires in both homes and on the street has increased slightly from 20 to 28 , none of them serious.

In total, 112 answered this Christmas Eve 1,187 calls, 13% less than in 2017.

For its part, in the capital, the Municipal Police has attended 1,192 calls from ten at night to seven in the morning, without highlighting any intervention, as reported to Efe sources of Emergencies Madrid, which coincide with the 112 on Christmas Eve It has been quiet.

The Firemen of the City council of Madrid have made 24 departures from twelve at night to eight in the morning, the majority by vandalic acts of container burning.

In the same time zone, the Samur-Civil Protection has made 99 interventions, most of them due to falls, alcohol intoxications and aggressions.

Emergencies Madrid has highlighted a traffic accident that took place at eight o'clock in the afternoon due to a collision between a motorcycle and a taxi at kilometer 12 of the interior road of the M-30, at the height of the Ambassadors exit.

The toilets served five people, the most serious occupants of the motorcycle: the driver, about 25 years old, who was transferred to Gregorio Marañón with fractured pelvis and possible fracture of the femur, and his companion, a woman of 31 years, admitted in the October Twelve with moderate head trauma and a head injury.

On the occupants of the taxi, both the taxi driver and a one-year-old baby were unharmed. The other three occupants, relatives of the youngest of about 30 years, were transferred to Infanta Leonor with cervical pain.


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