August 1, 2021

Queues of travelers in Sants and El Prat to speed up departures in a calm environment

The main transport hubs in Catalonia, the Sants railway station and the Barcelona-El Prat airport, have carried out their activity this Saturday in a normal environment, although queues of travelers have been seen trying to change tickets to leave the city .

At El Prat airport, tranquility has been the dominant note throughout the day, despite the queues of some 60 or 70 people who have been seen at some moments before the Vueling and Iberia customer service counters, at the terminal T-1.

Most of the people queuing are foreign travelers, many tourists, who have come to the airport to try to speed up their departure to their countries of origin, given the exceptional nature of the impact of the coronavirus in Spain.

All the travelers consulted by Efe have been resigned to the eventuality of having to make long connections to reach their destinations, a circumstance that they have ensured they fully understand given the situation.

In the airport spaces there are many citizens who use masks, more than can be found these days on the street.

Perhaps the fairly widespread use of this instrument designed to prevent infections and the uncertainty with which these moments are lived explains the silence that reigned this Saturday, very unusual in this infrastructure, as one user has pointed out to Efe.

Airport sources have pointed out that the events surrounding the coronavirus crisis management are causing airlines to permanently reconfigure their operations and relocate passengers, making it difficult to give concrete figures on aircraft movements.

At the Sants station, the influx of passengers has been more or less normal on a Saturday, so there have been neither saturations nor crowds, a EFE spokesperson explained to Efe.

“The situation is normal under the circumstances,” said this spokesman.

Thus, there has been the case of travelers who have approached the main railway station in Catalonia to try to change tickets previously purchased and bring the departure date forward, anticipating an eventual restriction of movements throughout Spanish territory.

The first consequence of the appeal to citizens to stay at home and the general closings of shops, bars and other premises have been the 51% drop in the number of passengers of the Rodalies railway service in Catalonia in relation to a normal Saturday.

This data is one more indicator of the attitude with which the population is facing the coronavirus pandemic, which has led the Government to decree the state of alarm.

Sources of the railway manager have indicated that, a priori, the number of passengers of Rodalies could drop more in the coming hours depending on the restrictive measures for the mobility of citizens approved by the Spanish Executive.


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