Quentin Tarantino signs up for NFT auctions with unreleased scenes from ‘Pulp Fiction’

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has decided to enter the new NFT (non-exchangeable goods) art market with an auction of seven previously unreleased scenes shot for his film Pulp Fiction, 1994.

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': Quentin Tarantino makes his novelist debut in provocative review of his pinnacle film

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’: Quentin Tarantino makes his novelist debut in provocative review of his pinnacle film

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“I am very excited to introduce the lovers of Pulp fiction these exclusive scenes, “Tarantino said in a statement, adding:” The secret content itself is unique, it has never been seen or heard before. ”

The offering includes handwritten original scripts for the film starring Uma Thurman and John Travolta and exclusive audio commentary from Tarantino himself that “reveals secrets about the film and its creator,” according to the Secret Network.

Cinematographic materials are offered as non-exchangeable material or NFT. non fungible token, non-exchangeable tokens) on Open Sea, the world’s largest market for these transactions.

Tarantino’s NFTs protect not only the film’s hitherto unseen content, but also the identity of those who acquire those scenes.

“Secret Network and Secret NTFs provide a whole new world of connection with fans and artists, and I am excited to be a part of this,” said Tarantino.

Non-expendable tokens will be encoded with the artist’s signature to verify ownership and authenticity, allowing original versions of popular online content to be sold as if they were pieces of art.

Tarantino won Oscars for Best Original Screenplay with Pulp Fiction, in 1994, and by Django unchained, released in 2012.

Pulp fiction is one of Tarantino’s most popular films and, with a production budget of just $ 10 million (about € 8.6 million at current exchange rates), it had earnings of $ 213.9 million (about $ 185 million). euros).

Following Tarantino’s announcement, the listing of SCRT, the Secret Network token, rose 14% to the all-time high of $ 10.02 (8.6 euros) and the cryptocurrency’s daily transaction volume increased 95% by twenty four hours.


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